MAGNESIUM 12ga. Slugs - We Test Them!

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Dr. Chris is back and submitted some magnesium anode slugs he designed. These only functioned through full rifling and all had great stability. However, we did have some variations in the accuracy. Still a very fun test and I hope you enjoyed experiencing it with us!

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There's no guns shown in this video, YT reviewers.

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"Doctor, how's my blood?"
"You're lacking in magnesium, but don't worry, I have something for that"
"Oh good, what kind of pill is it?"
"It's a suppository"

Author — fireandcopper


Butterfly Farts is Officer Greg's psychedelic grunge band.

Author — robmanueb2


Lol Danny... “ not asbestos I can tell” had me laughing so hard! 🤣🤣

Author — ludeguy


The head bouncing away to the music was perfect.

Author — Jerry Stott


Danny, so glad to see you back! We missed you!

Author — Matt A


Snow in a can is the most Central Valley thing I’ve ever seen...

Author — S M


Perfect for hunting skinwalkers, wechuge, mothmen and various other mythical and elusive alpine desert beasts.

Author — Brian Zulauf


🤣🤣🤣"not asbestos I can tell." I'm freaking dying.

Author — T Terry shenanigans


This is awesome! I started a new job today and the first video i see when i got home is a brand new Taofledermaus and got Danny for a bonus. It has been a good day!

Author — Ed Mawhinney


So great to see Danny up and around, shootin and having fun. Love all the videos always looking forward to more. Cheers, stay safe

Author — Bladerunner 75


As always, out of the park with the price is right showcase ish music.

Author — Kenneth Cunningham


The Blue Danube completely caught me off guard, but was super on point!

Author — SeaWasp


Can't say I was super impressed with the rounds but hey always a good time hangin' with Danny behind the sights. Liked the Spelunking Orangutan Gustavo knife.

Author — Hawk 1966


Guys must a been talking about whistlein diesel and the 50cal lol

Author — gregorius


Love the Price is Right like background music

Author — Mark S.


The gel head getting dirty didn't prevent us from seeing what happens when you shoot a T-1000 with an exploding shell.

Author — Mark Fergerson


I just never get over that Jeff sounds like a frat boy, he's old enough to be my dad, but sounds like he's half my age.

Author — Throku


"Does it taste like asbestos?"
"Nah not as best as I can tell"

Haha hell yeah, keep up the good work!

Author — HazedBluntly, Or some stale meme


Danny reminds me of my grandpa (RIP) always cracking jokes you’ve never heard before that are undeniably ‘old school’ but make you laugh every time. Also I’ve punctured hundreds of lipo packs never had even a whiff of smoke or flame

Author — Darren-Edward Oneill


LMAO @ Danny @ 7:30 : "Not asbestos I can tell."

Author — Walter Burton