How Kabaddi became India's fastest growing sport | CNBC Sports

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How Kabaddi became India's fastest growing sport | CNBC Sports 5

Kabaddi is the second most watched sport in India and is even growing internationally, so what’s all the buzz about and how do you play it? Tom Chitty went to India to find out.


Pro Kabaddi League footage courtesy of Star Sports.

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Finally, indians wont be only known for watching CRICKET. Love to see kabbadi getting coverage

Автор — shubham tiwari


The only sport which my grandparents watch with me😂😂😂😂

Автор — Aadhi


This game actually looks amazing to play... Now I just need to find 13 friends...

Автор — Jan Bajec


This looks so fun and exciting SOMEONE PLEASE BRING THIS TO THE U S OF A! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Автор — Corner Click


much fun. I want to do this...

Currently in Bali. I think I'll start a Kabaddi group... :)

Автор — Tremain Bowman


Foreign sports always make you realize just how odd all sports are really.

Автор — Pure Rust


I hope India can invite us Sri Lankans to participate in their teams like IPL. We play this during the New Year.

Автор — Fadil Iqbal


As a rugby player this seems like a great sport and I definitely want to give it a try

Автор — Tobey Molenaar


During my school time, i lost 6 out of 7 buttons of shirt during my raid in one game. But i was successful to brought 4 opponents down.😅

Автор — M B


this looks so fun as someone from the Philiipines it reminds me of a game we used to play on the streets when we were young. I can see this going big in our country.

Автор — Xavier T.


Kabaddi was always more popular just that you guys came about it now!

Автор — Harkirtan Singh


if kabbadi goes USA it will be enchanced in many ways. *COUGH* steroids

Автор — darknightme


I watched this on Sky a few months backs it was really entertaining even though I didn't understand it fully.

Автор — Andy Forbes


I'm also a kabaddi player💓😍 I play for my district

Автор — The 99


British Empire In it's 200 Years Reign in India Did only Two Good Things :
1. Giving us Cricket
2. Not Claiming Kabaddi as their own sport 😂
Even Cricket is more indian than British now

Автор — vivek sharma


Im from Canada and I could see myself watching this

Автор — Nathaniel van den Heuvel


Its popular in Nepal too.I guess once it was regarded as the national game but no professional teams and players here🙁

Автор — Just Clash it


Yeah Kabbadi has always been the most popular local sport and now it's good to see that it's getting the fame it deserves! :)

Автор — Mirrorwarrior


So much Indian content on the CNBC 'International'. Don't mind me, loving the attention. ;)

Автор — Saurabh Gadekar


This looks incredibly fun, I'd like to try it with some friends.

Автор — Eudaldo A.