Danny May - CEO & Co-founder of Lingmo

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

Got the opportunity to talk to Danny May – CEO & Co-founder of Lingmo. * Lingmo International is a world-leading provider of cloud-based Artificial Intelligent translation software and voice recognition technology.

Danny decided to start Lingmo after an incident in China; the app he was using to translate English to Chinese while liaising with a police officer, to explain to him that his passport got stolen, did not do the job according to plan. The app ended up translating “Hello, how are you?” to “Hello, I love you.” This incident made him realise the importance of developing an app that understood the nuances in dialects and also that which did the translation in real-time.

Danny comes across as an active, adaptive, affable, creative, confident, curious, disciplined, gritty, hard-working, diligent, pragmatic and a committed person.