The Apprentice: SIPSCO - #1 - Factory Tour

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  • ℹ️ Published 9 years ago

Kim has found a new teacher! In this episode, Sjin and Sips reunite to show Kim around the infamous SIPSCO Dirty Factory.

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The days when Kim didn't call everything billy... Good times

Author — ηεβυιλ


The oath for joining sipsco should go as follows ''I hearby choose to uphold the rights of all big women, protect all big money, and always have big fun

Author — Curtis Papineau


Sips:  "This here is a geothermal facility ... This is just a great, big metal penis."

Author — Mooalally


It's kind of sad, the abandoned Sipsco factory. They were doing such amazing things, and It just ended. I'm so glad Sjin and Sips are back together again.

Author — Fredbob392


hold up. did you see the flax by kim's house? sjin probably put it there. he likes flax. flax is string

Author — Old Man Henderson


Aw man, its great seeing the factory again! I really hope Sjin will stay in these episodes of Apprentice. Its so nice seeing Sjin and Sips back again.

Author — V's Tongue


Such memories at Sipsco.!! So excited for the rest of the apprentice!

Author — Malien Tingpalpong


I forgot how good any conversation between Sips and Sjin is.

Author — farfangled


Oh my god they're back. Sips you never cease in making me laugh.

Author — Harvey Handbanana


Sips and sjin are my favourite!! I'm glad they've made a new series!!

Author — Mysterio .Dark


My life is complete once again. That buzzer every time they walked through into the sorting facility.

Author — Juiced Gaming


You have such an adorable voice, Kim. I like the banter between the three of you, maybe you should try an adventure map together?

Author — QOOP


Hearing the old alarm when they go in the sorting facility brings back a lot of good memories

Author — Bosquit


Finally!! You have NO IDEA how long I've been waiting for new stuff from you guys together!! You are my favorite Yogscast Duo, by far. Even better than Lewis and Simon!

Author — Trevor21230


I've missed this duo! And now they have kim! Happy days! >w<)/

Author — OutCats


AHH The good old days of sipsco...time to go watch episode one now!

Author — PixelMinez


I'm tearing up, I miss this series.

I miss Sips and Sjin playing together period.
They were Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis.
Just plain fun....and twisted.

Author — terrance217


Oh my god the SIPSCO DIRT FACTORY!!! Aw man that brings back memories. A SipsCo Christmas... Sjin and Xephos swapping sides... Ahhh. Good times.

Author — FallingofftheGrid


A solitary tear streamed down my face when I heard that buzzer. It's been a while, my friend.

Author — RenziRenzi


You've done very well building your channel I see. Congrats.

Author — boomstick900