Kevin & Randall | 'I've got you, brother'

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HD + headphones ;))

I promised another Kevin&Randall video, so here it is! I hope you like it ^^

When I was doing my first video with these two, I was choosing between the song I used and this one and when I finally made my decision, I figured that I'd use this one later. Now I'm actually glad that I had this one for a video after season 2, because now it definitely fits more to their story.

I was actually going to wait with this video and do something different first, but after the finale episode I decided to just do it now.
As i said earlier, I hated season 2 finale episode (I think that's one of the worst episodes for me and there are not many of them :(), but I gotta say that the only thing I loved about it was these two. I mean, do you, guys, remember what they were like in season 1? And now? That's an amazing development, truly my favorite relationship in this tv show, I love them all, but this one will always gonna be my top 1. (And the only moment I wanted to cry during this episode was when they hugged after Kevin's toast ;p)

Well, I hope you liked it and I didn't disappoint you ;p.

● tv show: This is us
● song: at the end of the video
● colouring by Glamourstar0x
● tvtime: nicuch

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Dude I haven't even watch the series yet and I teared up.
Amazing work seriously!

Author — Panta Na Xamogelas


Being a fan from season 1 seeing these two and their relationship grow like it has. This video was an incredible tribute. Jack would be so proud of his sons becoming the brothers he always hoped they would be.

Author — Book Babyface


I love this so much. It's so freaking perfect. I love their relationship. It's not perfect, not one bit but they have worked on their relationship and they are such amazing brothers now, so good to each other, still not perfect but perfectly unperfect to me & this video just showed that so beautifully. Amazing job <3333

Author — lifexintechnicolour


The office scene from season 1 kills me. It's so impactfull they both did such an amazing job

Author — yaalini lakhani


Finding this two years later and it's still so impactful since the show continues to explore their relationship. Coming here after the season 4 finale. Heart is broken. Love both of these characters.

Author — Hannah Bowes


I absolutely ADORE this video. I love how you edited it and this two are just such an emotional rollercoaster for me, as well as the whole show. Love every second. Awesome job! ♥

Author — Lilly


That was amazing. I really love these two relationship and you managed to depict it so well!!

Author — win-chan


Most interesting relationship on the show, because it's so complicated. Love the dynamic.

Author — Beagologin


Awww I just love it! The two of them have grown so much and their relationship became so heartwarming and wonderful to watch. I love what you did with this video here, the song is perfect for them and you really showed what a long way they've come. Amazing video, great job!

Author — MsSkinyMaple


I just watched the most recent episode and had to come back and rewatch this. That last scene with these two! They are one of my absolute favorite relationships on the show. I love them so much.

Author — eveningflares


I love their relationship more than everyone else. They argue the most, they hate each other the most, but still, they're still brothers in the end of the day. It was the breaking point of Kevin when he forgot about the work he died for and ran to his brother to be with him that he couldn't do in the past, as he was the only one who realised something was not okay with Randall. This show is amazing.

Author — mrs LUndY


wow it was so beautiful ! You perfectly portrayed their relationship !

Author — Opia


I love this just so much ! It reminds me how hard was this relation between them and how closed they are now. You really did a beautiful job here! <33

Author — SweetDreams


Oh wow! I REALLY love what you did with this ❤️❤️❤️ just finished the second season tonight and feeling this one gooood. I love how they're healing together 😭

Author — Lauricia


Amazing! I love how the relationship between these 2 had evolved

Author — mydreamtv


Beautiful video. And the song is so perfect too. I love that you decided to do new videos for many characters/dynamics on TIU. There can never be enough and yours are always so amazing and give me all the feels. There's one particular relationship I hope you'll vid again too, but I'll be happy about everything you'll throw our way. Btw I love that you love Kevin so much. I can totally relate <3

Author — nostalgiekind


This is incredible. I love everything about this video, from the incredible scenes, voiceovers, text and the song 😭😭

Author — SongoftheWeek


Pese a las diferencias y peleas, amo esta relación de hermanos

Author — Nadima Copas


This is so perfect, i’ve got no words

Author — ダストピクシー


This is amazing!!! I'm going to make one with the same song too!!

Author — sakuray7