Ed Helms And Stephen Debate: Should You Knock?

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Ed Helms And Stephen Debate: Should You Knock? 5

'Father Figures' star Ed Helms revisits his and Stephen's longstanding disagreement that first came up at the bathrooms of the 'Daily Show.'

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its nice to see andy and broccoli rob finally getting along with none of that acapella drama

Author — Sabrina Thai


The more I watch Ed Helms, the more I think The Office writers just said "Ed, just be yourself...ACTION"


Author — Sulaymaan Dar


Knocking only results in female John Mulaney saying “somebody’s in here”

Author — Jordan Lacoste


you guys could do what they do here in korea. knock and if its occupied ppl knock back, no words spoken

Author — Sisilessthan3


I don't care if you knock or jiggle thw handle, but the thing that annoys me are the people who charge the door at full speed and end up crashing into the door if it's locked. They sound like they're trying to tackle the door.

Author — debbiedoodiedandi


I'm with Ed on this. I don't wanna be having interactions in the bathroom or with people in the bathroom. Just lock the damn door.

Author — dreaminginnoother


The lock in our bathroom didn't quite work. My roommate and I got around the problem with a simple rule. Whoever was inside just needed to keep singing. We got pretty good - so good that we formed a band in college.
We called ourselves 'The Nickels are Back' in college (we thought it was so damn smart!) but later just settled for "Nickelback." Long story short, it all started with poop songs. Not our fault that the stench never quite left our music.

Author — saquibaa


I agree with Ed, you subtly check the handle to see if it's locked. And then you can have a sign reminding people to lock the door. Asking and responding is super awkward.

Author — QuantumBraced


Why would you knock? They're not gonna answer and then you're gonna have to wiggle the handle anyways. It's double awkwardness.

Author — mizuhonova


Ed Helms is right on this one. Just lock the door. No one wants to be having a conversation while they are taking a dump.

Author — Christopher Brown


- i think i accidentally swallowed some seahorses
- really, how many?
- i dont know, they were powdered

Author — e.g John


Team Ed all the way. Toilet knockers are out of their mind. You only knock on toilet doors if you want people to hurry. Which is rude in most cases. Besides, you can check a door without slamming it open.

(Just so you know, I don't really care that much, I'm just longing for an online argument about anything else than those days?)

Author — MobioDEN


Ted Nelms sounds like the Colbert Report lol

Author — Zant


"It's like If Monty Python did the news"-I'm SOLD

Author — Elad Lavi


i agree with ed on the bathroom issue, if the door is locked, u leave it alone unless it's an emergency

Author — Gauss24


Aww, I love that hug at the start. It's kinda cute really.

Author — Pacmanshooter


I agree with Colbert on this one. A door about to open is far more alarming than a knock. I once forgot to lock the door and I think some chick saw my junk. No sexual harassment there.

Author — dumaskhan


Roy Moore will happily accept those photos on Ed's behalf.

Author — New Message


I gotta side with Broccoli Rob on this one, but I definitely see the Nard Dog's point of view as well.
But we all have to poopie, get over it. Also this argument I feel is more of a personal preference.

Author — Z.Z Shirer


Ed Helms has some southern fried eyes, holy shit.

Author — Hylian Ticipated