Xenoverse 2 DLC 14 New Dyspo Gameplay Screenshots In V Jump Scans!

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As always thank you guys for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this Xenoverse 2 DLC 14 New Dyspo Gameplay Screenshots In V Jump Scans video going over the newest v jump scan for dyspo on xenoverse 2 which features 5 brand new gameplay screenshots for this character. Dyspo is looking fire especially his ultimate which had the most new screenshots for it and to me it just added to my hype for this character but let me know what you guys think of dyspo so far based off of what we have seen with his first reveal and these new gameplay screenshots as well.

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I'm honestly still hoping for a awoken for this or the next dlc cause it's called Awakening pack, so it make sense at least to me to have a awoken for our Cacs in it

Author — Stuart The saiyan


Oh I’m getting excited about Dyspo now. I wanted Bergamo but I’m likening what I’m seeing so far.

Now all Dyspo needs is good combo strings that don’t drop online and a reliable consistent stamina break. Preferably both for light and heavy breaks.

Author — Wild Storm


Anybody noticed how destructive flare could technically have been a precursor to crush canon? As far as how both of these skills function? Makes me wonder if something like a dragon blitz or burning shot is going to somewhat dictate how justice kick will work.

Author — eKinston Walker


I'm glad we got dyspo I was really hoping we'd get him I bet his moves will be awesome

Author — Joseph Larson


Thanks cabb, for the latest updates, I truly looking forward to the dlc, cause its looking fire right now

Author — Larry Lopez


I’ll be mad if they do him dirty a month or two after release like Toppo. Ever since he got nerfed he’s been pretty useless.

Author — Greg Maxwell


I'm pumped for the scan, the dyspo character will be greT to be tested.
But I'm mainly excited for the new awoken skill let's go!

Author — *yhmmraa*


He might have Justice Combination as the second Ultimate and no we are not getting Speed Mode as an awoken for CACs.

Author — DomNick


Technically the characters we are getting in dlc 14 are awoken ultra instinct omen goku is when goku 1st tapped into ultra instinct and they dyspo is a character that is coming with an awoken skill so we might not get an awoken skill for our cacs I think and hope we will but if we don't then bandi and dimps didn't lie by calling this dlc warriors awoken

Author — Dem Boyz Runnin


I love the game and used to keep up with everything but I’ve been waiting on ssj4 transformation for cac for to long if a guy can made a mod and it look and work amazing I can’t see an excuse why the game doesn’t have it already

Author — Kaiyates 747


I'm glad that Dyspo won and his ultimate is going to be good

Author — Sir Joker


New awoken probably won't come... even though it'd be awesome if we get Dyspo's speed mode for all races
That would mean Dyspo would be a mentor and we all know they ain't putting effort into that

Author — Kei Fujitora


There’s a 5% chance that we might get in a transformation from this

Author — Jaquan Mcmanus


That’s the only dude I really wanted in any of the DOC stuff

Author — Titanium Bat


Not gonna lie to you. It is looking pretty crispy, but not crispy enough for me to pay for. The whole reason why I got Zeno verse one and two in the first place was for the cAc, and if there isn’t a new awoken skill for all races in this DLC I will not be paying for it

Author — Bendell Hunter


I'm still predicting that the nxt CC Tv event is May 26th and we'll get gameplay of Dyspo there too

Author — Dylan David


i realy hope they give him grab/timeskip amor, than he would be realy good counter against hit and dbs Broly

Author — Steelsoul88


I dont really care to be honest for the 2 characters we got but I hope still to see sonething cool cone out of it cool character like shallit giblet and new transformation for our characters super saiyan 4 ✌😀

Author — Dominik Markovic


I feel like the ult will be like victory rush

Author — Ez3r3f


Damn.. and here i thought we might be getting gt vegeta

Author — DARKKNIGHT3601