What If We Discover Life After Death?

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What If We Discover Life After Death? 5

Death and the possibility of an afterlife have fascinated artists, philosophers, and scientists throughout history. Fear, hope, dread ... these are all things we might feel when we ponder what happens to us after we die. But what does science actually know about the afterlife? If we knew that we went somewhere after we died, would we lead better lives? Or would we shrug off our earthly responsibilities, knowing that death wasn't the end?

Take a deeper dive into What If episodes with the help from the world's top thinkers in science.

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What if we all are dead person, living a life after death 🤔

Author — Shounak Dawalkar


Imagine we are asleep throughout our life and everything that is happening in our lives is actually a dream. Death could just be the time when we woke up.

Edit: OMG! guys thanks for all the likes! I've never gotten these many!!

Author — Random 15


"What If youtube got deleted"



Afterlife: because you can't imagine a world without you.

Author — Rob hearts


I wish in my next afterlife is about all my dreams about everything are mine.

Author — mr jn


Brain is the most important organ

According to brain

Author — Clout Attack


What if we die and wake up to listen "How was hell".

Author — Kumar Ayush


"There is no death, just change of worlds". -Chief Seattle.

Author — Alberno


"The rate of depressed people suiciding will increase

Billie Eilish's songs: It's free real estate

Author — Just Some Guy without a Mustache


"This world doesn't exist"

Edit : that was a bad joke and i got the most likes i have ever got

Author — sulfurix GD


Me: *Meets ancestors in after life*
Me: *wondering why they won't talk to me*
Others: They're disgusted at how often you... "pleasured" yourself... they can see everything you're doing when alive you know...
Me: Hey you didn't have the internet to tempt you!

Author — Mike B


I swear by the God of heaven and the earth there is "Life after death" Believe it or not, one day everyone will believe 😣

Author — RaYS 88


This whole channel is basically

Author — Milkshak e


After being dead we will spawn into another universe
And it would be a different life

Author — Ace Gamerz


The rate of depressed people suiciding will increase
*E A S Y*

Author — Thanos - The Inevitable


"The only ppl who really knows are dead" . Then its too late my frends. Peace be upon u

Author — addin8585


Parents: we all die someday
Me having big pp: *oH sO wE bECOME A DICE*

Author — kNOT BOT


"Afterlife? If I had known there was life after death, I'd have killed myself years ago." Bender Rodrigues, Futurama.

Author — Dare Seven


What if we discover life after death
Heaven: am i a joke to you?

Author — Jared Tarenio


That’s because everyone was having a motive to fight the britishers and don’t care if they die or what they only needed independence Jai hind

Author — tanner gamer