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I'm really sad about it. Update dropping tomorrow

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Discord: Blue#6865

Author — Blue Mods


Sucks....been a great so many great friends from it

Author — Kevin Keeler


Man I've been on here since I was 12 and all my friends are on there and it makes me sad ;-; like I have no irl friends just them XDDD

Author — Akari Kni


Bruh moment, man. I don't even like Discord.
It's been a wild ride.

Author — / Snow


I mean I only used it to rp
HMU if anyone's interested I'll post my discord

Author — HyPeR 666


Hopefully a Pro Kik Modder can Reverse engineer Kik's Coding/Plateform and make a Perfect copy of it, with some popular modd features made into it. Then upload it on the app store.

Author — Kaegan Thornhill


Had a fun 4 years and I'll miss everyone I met so sad...

Author — Amanda Scott


But at the same time they just released other articles from that guy saying it is not true they are not shutting down so I don't know what's going on one minute is shows they are next minute shows they're not and there was one article that someone shared on a group kick that I'm in said it be the 27th of this month that they'll be shutting it down so I guess the 27th will find out if the rumors are true

Author — T D


rip to the best app ever its been a fun 2 years

Author — ItsTrollen


i love kik but now getying shut down im gonna lose my freinds and then it was the only app i could change profile photo and not getting discord discord is like for forceimg ppl to join one big group thats all it is. guess i knew my points were gonna get lose i haf 1777 days on kik like guess illl lose thaf record.

Author — Mercy Godess Of Healing


But Kin isn't like legit crypto, it's more like virtual currency in app?

Author — Ajay


Oh man I've gotten so many girls on this app and to find some Xbox friends it's sad that it's going to die😞

Author — Jay S


This truly breaks my heart. I've been on kik for 5.5 years, met so many great people, and some of them have become my best friends for 3 years, have made so many great memories, I really hope this news is hoax, I don't want it to shut down.. 😔

Author — Cup of Matcha


everybody I know if hard to move on this app was my middle school years i found this app called yubo u go live with anyone and text people too

Author — yxng txny


I would say "imma miss kik, I made lots if friends" but then again no. I delth with bs fake people claiming to be friends, hackers, and most of all annoying people who constantly keep making new accounts just to rejoin and spam the group with bots causing it to lag.

Like it was fun at first, and being able to meet new people thanks to the rp app they had on kik and the group app they had on kik. But when they had issues keeping it. It was a pain, then there was the bugs they just keep on neglecting to fix with each update. On top of that to keep the rp app on kik they had to receive donations. Which means some people got to have their request at the top for so long because they were VIP.

Discord is decent and not too bad. Only issue I have is not getting my notification. Which in ironic was one of the bugs kik had but manage to fix.

Author — SuperSpeed21


Condolences my man. I don't have kik, but I know what it is and how old it is. I can hear in your voice that you're very sad about this news, and I hope the best for ya coping with it. If you'd like, there are other apps that are like kik out there that you can still talk to your friends on. Apps like WhatsApp, telegram, Snapchat, discord, etc. I know it's not the same, but the people are. And that's what matters

Author — ree


Kik was my first chatting app. I’ve made so many friends on Kik and even have a GF on Kik, but at least I got her number. I did here that they’re moving to a new app called “Kik X”. It’s just like Kik. More like the same. You won’t have to remake your group chats either since Kik X will be a lot like Kik. Kik X is also way faster than Kik. They’re basically transferring all Kik data to Kik X. The downside is that it’s only for Android, for now. I’m not sure if Kik X will be finished, since I heard it was only for beta, but I could be wrong.

Author — GojirafanNeptunia


hahahahaha omg kik isn't going anywhere my god the same hype was going on last year

Author — Pvt Read


How do I update blue Kik? It keeps saying an ups available but I'm slow lol

Author — David Hamilton91


I guess Kik is shutting down permanently 😔😞

Author — Terrance Smith