Buddha Gyan Mala Bhajan (Hey Prabhu) | Chamati Multipurpose

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Song: Buddha Gyan Mala Bhajan ( Hey Prabhu)
Vocal:Shatish, Sanubabu, Ratna Sova & Nisha
Director: Purna Kaji Jyapu
Company: Chamati Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd.
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💬 Comments

Another excellent song by this excellent group! My first favourite from Charumati Gyanmala is "Dan dan passapi".

Author — rweerakkody4565


What’s the reasoning for the use of Pali, when the surrounding temple appears to be Vajrayana, which would use Sanskrit?

Author — Mike Hutchinson


This is a Excellent Buddha Bhajan.... Thanks by Amith Kumara Hettige(Shresthi), Sri Lanka

Author — Aram Egit


The Bhajan is very melodius. Can I get the lyrics with meaning. I would certainly share with my friends.

Author — Sam Bandla


very interesting and progressive bhajan, i like it too much ! thanks for posting

Author — SaunakMan


Can someone plz upload the track of this song in smule so that we can also sing this soulful song.

Author — Rushila chitrakar


Subhaye for uploading GYANMALA Bhajan. Very nice and popular Buddha Bhajan from NEPALMANDAL.

Author — GiBinod


Heart touching, melodious and full of message to understand the life and truth !!! Thanks for uploading.

Author — Chakra Maharjan


my grand parents want its lyrics. Help!

Author — moon twayana


हे प्रभु भगवान दरसन बिओ, अज्ञानि जिमित सरन बिओ

Author — Suwarn Vajracharya


nothing into they're known andrew defect



देशको धर्म संस्कृतिलाई बचाउनु एकदम आवश्यक छ।बैध्दिक योगीक सत्य सनातन धर्म नेपाल-७७।

Author — bishnu dangol


Jipi macha macha bile Siya gyanmala bhajan da tasks ta.

Author — Sampuu


Oh respected one, we know about Buddha more than few people . He was good person, son of a rich Khastriya king. He got confused because of a dead and other old person. Rich king tried a lot to bring his son out of depression, he used all worldly pleasures but failed then he got him married. Buddha became father of a son but his depression was still there so finally he had to leave his lovely family and his whole house. He searched for peace and the answer of his doubt because no person around him could clear his doubt but good thing is that finally he found the answer of his doubt that whoever has born will surely be old and die. His teachings are his experiences of his age and explorations . In the same age when god Buddha confused because he saw old and dead person, Jesus knew every thing but anyway everyone is good we say. (Dalits accept Buddha to be protected from Manuvad nothing else)

Author — krishan Lal


थ्व म्ये नाप नाप शब्द दसा तसकंहे बालां 🙏🙏🙏🙏🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺👌👌👌👌👌

Author — Nirmala Shakya


लगभग २ दशक जति अगाडि ज्ञानमाला भजनको एउटा क्यासेट (स्वयम्भू चित्र र निलो कभरमा) निस्किएको थियो; (जुन बेला सिडी नै सायद थिएन) मा संकलित भजनहरू उपलब्ध भएमा अपलोड गर्नुहोला । त्यसमा कान्छाबुद्धको स्वर लगायत थुल थुल जीवन, दँ दँ पासापिं आदि सुन्दर भजनहरू थिए ।

Author — Shaurabh Raj Sangum


aha guli jaka balau.manhe swa hola ka.saadhu saadhu

Author — Rabin Shrestha


Nice prayer of Truth of universal, Namo Buddhay,  

Author — Satish Natikar


namo buddhaya I am a srilanakn buddist I love this song thank u

Author — Sankitha udith