Christine Lagarde shares IMF's review of US economy - 06/06/2019

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Christine Lagarde shares IMF's review of US economy - 06/06/2019 3.5

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde presents the International Monetary Fund's views on the economic outlook for the United States.

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Christine Lagarde shares IMF's review of US economy - 06/06/2019

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Bla bla yada yada print dollah print dollah, snort coke, print dollah ...

Author — DJ Tan


USA is in trillions of debts, how can the economy be in good shape 😂

Author — John Jong


ominous warning.
the writing on the wall.

this may be the LAST warning before the storm.
brace yourselves.

Author — micheal bolton


How about raising interest rates to reward savers and letting companies fail that should fail including banks and to stop stealing from the poor and middle class to give to the rich?!

Author — Misty Smith


I'm not sure she's living on the same planet as me?



IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde is twisting the history, I would prefer that she twist the US financial escapades, but that she cannot.

Author — Darko Fius


This is The Party of Davos. Unelected elites preaching to the "deplorables".

Author — Tarzan


some people here think that Christine Lagarde does not now about US debt or whatever data. well she knows better than you

Author — q9r8s7t6u5v4w3x2y1z0


These are the folks that didn't see the great recession that hit in 2008, they have no credibility.

Author — Pragmatico


Christine is like the Teacher trying to tell toddlers to stop fighting over a toy. They won't listen until there is a real consequence to their actions.

Author — Never Question


living on credit is good for the USA economy?

Author — Jalus Horton


Who ever run against Trump 2020 pls exit now.

Author — Elon mua


She forgot to mention the BIS funded both sides of said war.

Author — Let ́s Fix It


I sure due love my USA pay check and saving lol!

Author — Eric


Oh, the international loan sharks for the oligarchs.
“You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.” Matthew 23:27

Author — nole 89


superman has arrived, bye usd and hello SDR.

Author — Christian Caban


Recession 2020 for sure cant wait till next one

Author — Chopan Alvarado


Can some one play Google the Smoot- Hawley tariff act of 1930. It seems that is where we are heading.

Author — Andrew Kwok


.... Has she been living under a rock for the last ten years? Does she even understand that the imf is a bank? 🍆

Author — Philip Angelo


It has become the mantra; contrary to prof, for some that lower interest rates leads to an increase in investments. However the investments are purely fictional as it is buybacks that inflates the stock market to create gain for the stockholders. Not what real people would call real investments.

Author — Robert Pecheur