Aion PvP Yagami 4.7 Templar 1v1s

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Server = Notaion

Qtpanda = Leung/Shielder

Dawnwing = Shielder

I was using full attack/crit set in this video + acc set against Bugged.

I don't own anything. All images, audio, and video clips are the sole property of their respective Owner. This video has no commercial use, it's just for entertainment.

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sick dude! been eagerly awaiting another one of these!

Author — Donny


probably the best templar i have seen, but idk how u are killing gladi without mag res, they just debuff without stop and lock of root and so on

Author — TbIkvaMuCS


awesome duells against Bugged, because you don´t play with holy shield and ud :)
and the first temp vs temp duells i really enjoyed watching )

Author — Mark He


Good video and playstyle, really enjoyed watching it !

Author — ZzeNotAion


sick as hell with templar as with sorcer, keep going m8

Author — Phyton


Wie immer verdammt geiles Video  dude :)

Author — YdK Creation Studios


As always very cool! Now excuse me, went to create the templar =) And one more question... You moves... Its increase your  P.atc. or а better weawing ?

Author — Prominenz


Damn, u rule PvP - btw is c2m really much of a difference ?

Author — Chai ly


why did you make the templar 4.8 pvp vid private? i went to watch it for nostalgia and u made me cry

Author — Delterian23


How do you move like that using click to move :S

Author — Carleton Hunter


Nice vidéo (: Good Job
I like and I subscribe

Author — Imaginary Project


Was going to skip to good players, didn't make it.

Author — Bryan Fox


gut biste jetzt eigentlich echt nicht diggah ^^ haust deine cds instant raus und wenn man den burst survived dann ez pz bist du tot :D uebe mal noch nen tick dann machen wir mal :))


Author — Allstar6811


Wieder mal heftiger Fortschritt auf dem Templer. c2m hast jetzt doch endlich umgesetzt bekommen? ^^
Schön, das du auf NotAion spielst. Vielleicht kann man ja mal paar Duelle machen ;)

Author — Sunshinebeaz


did you have link for the 4.8 video ? every link are dead

Author — Asumâ