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CEBU ISLAND | The Most Adventurous Days Of My Life | TRAVEL VLOG 5
I had the best days of my life on Cebu Island! Second stop of your Philippine adventures was Cebu. We spent three days in city of Moalboal offering close distance to beautiful beaches, Kawasan Falls, island hopping etc. We rented a scooter, brought a snorkeling kit and I it was so much fun and adventurous!

I really hope you enjoy this travel video. More of travel vlogs coming soon and it's gonna be amazing guys xx.

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Cebu looks like a really beautiful part of the world. Thanks for sharing paradise with us!

Author — Planes, Trains, Everything.


Such a beautiful place ! Thanks for that video, it makes me want to go so badly and continue making more travel vlogs ! <3 :)

Author — Paradisienne


Nema to takovy ten Tvuj vibe v te anglictine.
Nemyslim to spatne jen si myslim ze v Cestine by to bylo mnohem lepsi.

Author — Monika Ondruchova


Yes! Welcome to the Philippines Lucie! I love your enthusiasm and animated story telling! Your zest for life is contagious! Continue to enjoy your adventure!

Author — Leo Dantes


there is a bus from airport to southbus and that is the sugbo tours bus not my bus.. hehehe well anyway enjoy cebuuuu!!! Philippines!

Author — bogy man


always ask the locals for the fare of tricycle, bus and taxi or how to get from one place to another cause some taxi will rip you off or tricycle .

Author — rodolfo jr. tipo


words of the day, "dont be afraid to get lost"

Author — Albina Ermac


Awesome, keep living the dream.

Travel safe✌🏻

Author — Light Owl


Cebu is one of the most beautiful island in the Philippines! We will be there again this November and I am very much excited. Thanks for this and this is a great video! Keep it up 😊

Author — Raymond Francisco


I felt the happy vibe the way you describe your experience, I love it! 😊

Author — Kitoryo vlogs


Welcome to the Philippines Miss BeautifuL 💕

Author — Joel Solomon


The whole canyoneering tour takes 4 hours and what you got was just the end part of it nevertheless jumping at the highest one is a bragging right on its own too. Congratulatuons. 😂

Author — iam Red


Great video thank you for sharing your travels....stay safe always 😊

Author — WS


Really nice one 😍 reminds me off my own video from the Philippines, love it!❤

Author — Milan Faust


Awesome work

Want more videos from you♥️♥️

Author — jaxx p


New subscriber from cebu Philippines, 🇵🇭,

Author — Joey Escobido


My hometown! This is a beautiful video! Thank you for highlighting my beautiful home ♥️

Author — Alyssa Maree


vydarený vlog ! good job ! 👌😉 ...and of course, such a beautiful place 😊

Author — katarína kmeťová


1st time watching your video, ♥️ it!!!
New subscriber here 🇵🇭

Author — Roni Fajardo


You could learn a lot from the Fighter Boys (Fighter Squad) and their YouTube content; Becoming Filipino, Finnshow, Fearless and Far, and Wil Dasovich, Also the Juicy Vlog, and Make It Happen.

Author — Kaboom Coba