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Inside Cummings' Mind: Exploring Johnson's Chief Strategist's Blog - TLDR News 5

Dominic Cummings, Johnson's Chief Advisor, is an interesting character. He's been called a genius by Johnson, a dark political manipulator by the media and a career psychopath by Cameron. In this video, we take a look at his blog to find out what Cummings really believes and what his plans are to shape the British political landscape.

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💬 Comments on the video

Some of Cummings' observations (as explained here), seem sensible. However, Cummings' history of behavior seems at odds with his recommendations.

Author — Matthew Koschara


I will admit that I sympathise/agree with his stated goals.

Despite this I think he either doesn’t actually care about his stated goals or he has a bad case of the ends justifying the means.

After all how can you claims to want to decentralise political power, while usurping the power to fire anyone he doesn’t agree with. Or claim to promote success while firing the most able Minister in the UK’s government.

Author — Grz349


Prediction: TLDR Philosophy/psychology channel gets made soon.

Author — Logan


So basically, Cummings dislikes politicians like Boris Johnson?!



The thing with complex systems, emergent behaviour, trial and error, evolution, is that much falls by the wayside. It isn't very efficient, it's just autonomous. Capitalism works like this, and we regulate capitalism to mitigate waste and inequality, or try to. Does Cummings think that we shouldn't? The nation has a duty of care to the nation; the point of civilisation is that it isn't survival of the fittest. I like the idea of attracting a wider scope of talent to politics though, and I do think that we should focus on education, our nation is pretty dumb. I include myself in there, I had a mediocre education. YouTube has been a better school for me. If people were better educated they might make better choices for themselves, and cost the nation less. This was a very well researched video, good work.

Author — FriedEgg


Who else here after Conniving Cummings got caught? 🤣

Author — lee roden


It is important to compare Cummings blog post musings with his actual actions. He thinks the media has too much influence in promoting bad politics, but also ran the Leave campaign which relied heavily on 'big data' media campaigns focused around narrative spin. Google Cambridge Analytica if you're not sure what I'm ralking about.

Moreover he seems to have been the push behind centralising power at number 10 by defanging the treasury and firing Javid because he disagreed with him (doesn't quite meet peer review requirements when its just one guy's opinion eh?).

I'm sure people in the comments will have their own examples. I think anyone who valorises dogdey figures like Bismarck, or thinks Athens was a particularly just/good society by today's standards is someone to keep a wary eye on.

Author — Malcolm


I love your videos, but you need to raise your Audio levels to at least -16LUFS. Your videos are so much more quieter than the adverts so I constantly fall off my chair when they kick in...

Author — Jeremy Greysmark


Is Cummings trying to fix the political system or take advantage of it's failures? I see no evidence that he has any intention to fix anything.

Author — Matthew Baynham


Love TLDR news. The sound quality was a bit off though x

Author — tati de los rios


Two things:

1) I agree with Cummings that too many of our leaders are career politians. Even those who are lawyers by trade (and you NEED at least some lawmakers to know about the structure and theory of law) are mostly unexpierienced in practicing law. And other fields of study or expertise (besides political science obviously) are super rare at the top level of government. I struggle, however, to see how that would be fixed by hitching your wagon to an Eaton trained journalist who had a reputation for polarizing political pieces well before he ever thought about being elected. As you pointed out in the video, Johnson could even be considered a step in the wrong direction as he centralised power even more and relies on science and experts even less.

2) The idea of emergent behaviour and that "risk and reward structure" will basically sort out society by a form of social evolution is not new. It's called "social darwinism" and was the pet theory about the world of a well-known german leader during WWII. Now, that's not to say that the theory is all wrong - Hitler absolutely misinterpreted what it meant, but it IS a cautionary tale about how far and how wrong you can go with it. Hitler's kinda "motto" was: We will wage war againt the world, thus driving conflict. Whoever will come out on top is cleary the better "race" of humans and should therefore reproduce. All he wanted to do (and please don't read this as diminishing his evils!) was to accelerate social evolution by jumping the "risk and reward structure" to be LITERALLY "victory or death" for everyone involved. (He, ofcourse, believed the german people to come out on top. But he also managed to centralise power like no one else, so really it was a "risk or reward structure" for himself - and he failed in the end.)

What I'm saying is:
Applying theories from other fields to politics is generally a good idea - but they need to be understood and adjusted to fit the field.

Author — QemeH


5:02 – "no world wars" + "as we know them" I'd say

Author — bandie9101


Well, "Adaption to Failure" would make a very good headline in future history books concerning brexit...

Author — Sleeping Insomiac


TLDR News: Apologises for explaining the complexity of the EU governing structure.
Also TLDR News: Goes on about complex systems for 10 minutes without batting an eye.

Author — PistolPoet


This was really interesting. But how did he got entangled with Johnson, if this is what he think?

Author — davide gentili


Dominic cummings is the Steve bannon of the uk

Author — drunkensailor112


10:30 Wait, only 40% of MPs know the probability of tossing two heads in a row? Wtf, where are we finding these people...? 😳

Author — Michael Warman


Three months later, and we've learned exactly what type of person he was.

Author — evilmiera


Lots of errors here:

1) The purpose of politicians is obvious, it is to earn the right to govern from the electorate. We have seen with Trump and Brexit (without prejudice to the underlying issues), how damaging it is if people do not consent to being ruled, when they loose a vote. The genius of a Boris Johnson is not his ability to see into the future, but his ability to convince people to follow him into the future.

2) White blood cells that fail to defeat the invader, are not defective, they just do not match up to the task. They might have been the exact ticket for a different encounter. Cummings wants to centralize power on him, to decide who gets to keep their job, or gets axed. Part of that will be suitability, but most of it will be loyalty. He uses these science examples to gull people into the myth of his superiority, when they are shallow Reader's Digest understandings.

3) Scientists have a good system, but it works because it is removed from the main levers of economic and political power, for the most part. Bring scientists into government and they will be co-opted like anyone else.

4) I am not sure I believe Cummings' passion for maths and science. He seems to know just enough to make people go along with him to a degree. If you follow his arguments the same narrow examples come up over and over. It seems more like a ploy than true mastery. I think he is a politician who has found his way to be followed. He points out how poor politicians and media are at science. What better field to lear a few phrases and anecdotes from, since by his very words, he knows that his political and media audiences will not be well versed in these subjects.

Author — Hondo Trailside


I like how you look at things objectively and logically, in a neutral unbiased way

Author — Anish