Gaui 500X Quad-Multirotor RC Helicopter

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 years ago

Here's a mini review by Derrick Threat from RC HeliResource. Thank you RCHR! Great Job once again.

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Actually the third Gaui sell, there is a 450X as well, thought it not common. Why have you got the battery mounted like that on top?

Author — Soupbones


I need to solve the problem the manual says the 500x can be used with a transmitter hitec, i needthe instructions to configure, so I can see if I have something wrong, I set the 500x and the transmitter as the manual says.

can not get the 4 engines run at the same time, started 3 and then 4, and verify that the gu344 is installed in the right direction, the 4 motors rotate in the directions they should turn, the GAIN is configuradoen the transmitter.

Author — Kike Valderrama