POSE: Happy Home Yoga with Alison West | May 26th

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Happy Home Yoga

Bring lightness and wellbeing to your day with Yoga poses that will generate strength and ease.

Please wear close-fitting clothes —tanks, t-shirts, shorts and Capri-length leggings/pants are best. Try to avoid baggy clothes, long pants especially if the bottom reaches under the feet, and hoodies.
Your forty minute class will start with a short taste of what the rest of the class will involve. The full class will include a breathing practice perfect for these uncertain times and a series of accessible poses that can be as challenging or as mild as you like. The session will end with a short relaxation.

An internationally recognized teacher, teacher trainer and back specialist, Alison West is owner and director of Yoga Union and the Yoga Union Posture, Backcare & Scoliosis Center, as well as a Yoga Journal presenter and author. Her vibrant studio is home to a highly regarded alignment Yoga program for beginners to Level 4 students, as well as the largest Yoga for posture, backcare, herniation & scoliosis program in the world. Creative and original, Alison is in the vanguard of spinal health through Yoga.

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I love this one. It is so explained in detail and showed to practice in a way that one can achieve the last perfect posture! Thanks

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