Recycle old blankets into new one| Easy sewing project for beginners

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Recycle old blankets into new one | DIY bed sheets / carpets | Easy sewing project from scrap fabric and old blankets
Today I recycled an old blanket in a very easy way. You can reuse fabric leftovers from previous needlework projects, or repurpose fabric from old clothes to give your old blanket a new look.
In this video, I make a small blanket measuring about 110cm x 150cm. I cut 48 pieces of fabric 20cm x 20cm to put together into 8 rows and 6 columns. If you want to make a larger blanket yourself, cut more pieces of fabric and make your own.
In addition, you can also turn your old blanket into a mattress or carpet with the same method.
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Recycle old blankets into new one| Easy sewing project for beginners

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Muito criativo e pratico o tutorial, legal demais

Author — @repesi


Amei! Gratidão por compartilhar!🙏🏻🙌🏻❤️😘

Author — @MsLucianek


Именно Вашего видео мне не хватало! Моё старое одеяло станет новым!) Спасибо!

Author — @MashastikFantasie


Qué precioso!!! Realmente la felicito muy bello trabajo con recortes de tela con los que a veces no sabemos que hacer reposo, la saludo desde Buenos Aires, Argentina ❤

Author — @beatrizandia5091


Thank you for inspiring me to sew with fabric scraps and an old blanket. I can’t wait to start this sewing project.

Author — @giayu2595


Gente ficou linda demais 😍 queria ter muito retalhos pra eu fazer uma pra mim ☺️

Author — @janainagomes4384


DEMAIS AMEI, gosto de vídeos assim direto ao assunto e práticos!!!
Solta mais !!!

Author — @mariamartanogueirademendon2655


Que coisa mais linda, amei o seu trabalho, parabéns.

Author — @luziagorges6047


Te quedó hermosa y a mi también me gusta reciclar. Gracias por enseñarnos 😊💙

Author — @minervafelix3991


Parabéns!! Excelente trabalho. Lindo!!!

Author — @idelzegoncalves849


Me ha encantado!! Ya estoy alucinando por transformar una como esta enseñanza suya, gracias por compartir 🌸

Author — @rosiocastillo7969


Оригинально! 👍🌹
Пока смотрела тоже пришла идея так же обновить, но покрывало. Станет одеялом.
Лайк! 👍💖
Спасибо за МК!
Все просто, без затей! 💃

Author — @user-wc3ci4mz9h


This brought back memories of my childhood I remember my mom doing this with our old baby blankets we would so excited to have a brand new blanket

Author — @conniepadilla3055


Очень классно получилось! Даже не могла подумать, что так можно переделать старое покрывало, простынь!

Author — @user-uk7mc7zk2i