'Wolf Spirit' - shamanic healing music 432 Hz (shamanic music drums)

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

Shamanic journey with drums and wolves. May the Spirit of the Wolf be with you!

This music is perfect for shamanic healing, meditation and dancing.


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To all who read this, I love you my sister and I love you my brother. 😘🍄❤️🥰

Author — Teri Ross-Bares


I am of Native American desent. Also have Scandinavian tribal heritage. I feel like this combination has unlocked the wolf as my spirit guide. Are we transitioning back to the metaphysical world of tribal medicine and magic. I think so. The wolf has been my guide on several occasions. What a powerful experience.

Author — Wolf Guide


I’m from Ireland 🇮🇪 and I’ m a believer we’ve got great strength in us together
And only together we can Save our world
And thank you 🙏 for this beautiful piece
The world needs more of this .
🐾 🐺☘️🌒🌏☀️♥️

Author — bath21man


I am from Poland, thank You very much. I am seriously ill, this music heals me, I believe. Whoever read IT, just imagine me walk, dance, You, please.

Author — coffe1972


I am of Cherokee descent, battling cancer.May the Lord bless all who hear this music

Author — Bellamarie Shinn


Love to all of the wolves, to nature and to all spirits. We are spirit.

Author — Forest Wolf


I am INDIAN I don't call myself Native American Indian. I am CAYUSE, WALLA -WALLA, NEZ PERCE. I am proud old Indian woman and love listening our music. I have grandchildren an great grandchildren listen to our music. Hope you an everyone appreciates this kind of music.

Author — PandacornBae 420


I was feeling negative and I here to listen to spiritual native music to lift my spirit up.

Author — Annabell Aguirre


I'm currently in the hospital and this is helping me relax.

Author — Kathryn Burkey


I don't know how, but when I'm feeling low on energy or weak this helps a lot ...it's like it heals me ..

Author — Tia Dwarika


I’m proud to be a Native American I see my self as a wolf and a warrior I’ve love wolfs all my life When I here a wolf howl I fell so good a powerful inside thanks so much we all need to fell happy inside at this moment in time

Author — Brandon Freimann


When I want to connect to my love ones, I listen to this, and I can feel their spiritual presence, so soothing, and healing. Thank you

Author — joyce jordan


I am not indian. but I feel I was in a past life. the music resonates. my spirit guide. The wolf. my Ancestors native Indians. Hello brothers and sisters. I'm very sensative. soul. n I love this music thankyou.

Author — Dawn H


Благодарность тому .кто создал эту музыку !

Author — Захидя Хамиловна


Love this — helps me to reconnect to my inner wolf spirit. I will play every full moon,

Author — Charmaine Camvel


Adoro esta música chamánica especialmente a los lobos que es el animal que representa mi signo los tambores y todo el conjunto en sí. Es lo máximo. Paz y bien a todos

Author — Carmen Castillo


Mais quelle merveille! Que ce soit la musique ou l'animal. 🌲🐺

Author — Journal Étrange


I absolutely love this. It lifts my spirit.

Author — ve justice


Gracias por este trabajo..
" desde el infinito del alma, hasta el infinito mismo del centro de la tierra, ella nos llama"..
Saludos desde Argentina!!

Author — Alejandro Martinez


Great music! You got pain don’t reach for pain medicine! Put on some of great music and let God heal heal through this awesome music! It certainly works for me and if you try it will work for you!

Author — Ray Soileau