The Gold Player That Played League Professionally

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The Chad Skooch of House Thundercock goes down in history for highest pro win rate. Legendary

Author — ShadeWolfSniper


fucking LOVED the shortened title, "the gold player that played league..."

Author — jane cowie


I am a silver player myself, i haven't played a pro game, but accidentally i've ended up i the quater final of the huge open tournament with real teams xD It was back in season 4, there were online eliminations and my friends and i signed up just for fun. It just so happend that every team we suppoused to face had some issues and we had walkovers, one day the guy who were organising it called and told us we qualified to the stage round xD So we jump in the car and went to the city 300 kilometers away to play on the stage in the middle of the huge crowd. We were using our own accounts so we could see each other ranks in the lobby, in my team there were 3 silver and 2 bronze players and in enemy team they had 5 freaking challangers xD
I think i don't need to tell what was the result of this game ;p
But it was fun at least ;p

Author — Cpt. Flamer


Skooch trying to use his Shaco brain to dodge the Galio ult was just too funny

Author — Dust D. Reaper


That big brain move against Galio Skooch tried to pull had me killed lol, fucking genius

Author — Masa Matheus Agostini Senna Avila


Honestly we need to force retirement on this actual pro, his winrate is too oppressive to honestly fight and then theres LANING against this guy!

Author — Cthulhu Rage


I totally get the ping thing. I remember back when the servers were on the west coast and I used to have like 120 ping, and once they were moved to Chicago my ping dropped to 16. One hell of a massive change of pace

Author — Lordxzaileir


Can't wait for the retrospective video about Skooch in 3 years from Exil or someone titled "the pro player who retired with a 100% winrate"

Author — Xanderqwerty123


“My brain is working at 10 ping.”

- Skoop, 2021

Author — Nixahma


Since there were only 20 people there, you can say that you played League professionally for an extremely exclusive crowd/event.
Even better than playing in the LCS.

Author — Mason Woodson


Hey Skooch I wanted to say thank you for the amazing content lately. I have never commented on a video before but this one hit hard. I recent tried out and made my colleges Varisty League of Legends team as a jungler despite being a trash gold adc only a few months ago. Your content helped me see the fun in the game while I faced challenges climbing up the ladder. Thanks again man and I hope all goes well with you.

Author — Ryley Griffin


when i heard "editors note" after he said yuumi has no food skins, I thought OCANHA was going to say "but cat yum?!"

Author — [ Toast ]


i saw the title and thumbnail and thought this was a gbay99 video XD

Author — Green SNK


Farewell your beautiful soul, may your professional self rest in peace sitting beside the best of humanity. Sure your life was brief, but nonetheless it was majestic! Farewell young prince, farewell professional Skooch! F

Author — Rune


The "FEEDING FRENZY" title popped up right after Skooch gave the Sivir the double kill

Author — Zodiac Lycan


Constantly having 24 ping when the servers were in socal during Beta was such a treat.

Author — NegaduckThuggly


I had been in try outs for professional HotS team and this video title has reminded me about burst DPS player (HotS has sustain DPS characters like ADC, and burst DPS like mages and assassin's and they are the hardest mechanically, nothing in league even compares to some of them).

And that player was Gold league but his mechanics were insane, he could go in 1v5 suicide and kill 2 people pretty much every time with no advantage.
His only problem was that he had negative map awareness, he would forget which side he is on before turrets would shot him.

So to deal with that, they had 1 captain+shot caller for whole team and one guy was designed to micromanage our crazy gold player, down to positioning. Oh man when he was in a right place and right time... We just had to peel for him and we knew he is gonna outperform enemies everytime, he did miss skillshots, I would rewatch replays and count 50+ skillshots landed in a row.

Author — SadBanana


Dan Bull is also the only Magic The Gathering player with a 100% winrate in professional play

Author — Oliver Holm


The stream was great skooch, cant wait for the next one x.

Author — EXILED


its a really heart breaking thing that my favorite pro player decided to retire we will miss you <3 we hope your future stays bright x[