RETIN A (Tretinoin) 6-MONTH UPDATE | anti-aging over 40

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 months ago

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In this video I share my 6 month update of using retin-a for anti-aging.

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❤️ Products mentioned in this video:
Tretinoin (Stieva-a) 0.01% cream formulation - by prescription only
Cerave moisturizing cream for normal to dry skin

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❤️ Note: For all the products I mentioned in this video, I included affiliate links to Amazon (US). These look like the best prices online, but keep an eye out for sales in your area.

❤️ About me: I'm currently 45 years old. In my 30s, I went back to school and studied holistic nutrition, and graduated in 2012. It is not what I do for a living/career, so I don't typically refer to myself as a nutritionist. The main reason I enrolled in a nutrition program was out of personal interest, because I'm obsessed with longevity. It is my personal goal to live to over 100 years old, and to look and feel great until my very last day. As part of this journey, I've learned to adopt some very healthy lifestyle strategies and habits. Everything I've done so far seems to be working quite well. So I've decided to start sharing my journey and knowledge on my youtube channel HipCityFam.

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I've been using tretinoin for about 2 years now. I peeled for like 5 or 6 months! But I pushed through and I'm so happy that I did. I started with the 0.05 and I want to go up to 0.1 very soon. It's transformed my skin! TFS. You look amazing. I cannot believe that you are 45!

Author — Mave


I love when it sheds, just not when it happens when in public lol. I will never stop using it Retin-A. You can't beat the even complexion and tone. You look great and your complexion is brighter. It just gets better. I've been using Tretinoin gel since 2015. No wrinkles or uneven tone. Just flawless skin, except the couple days leading to my menstrual cycle because that's primarily when the skin purge happens.

Author — 8th House Alchemist


I saw better results after 1 year, Im on 3 years now of using it nightly, Tretinoin is amazing.

Author — Nairb del Rey