HOW TO PLAY - Teen Titans - Theme Song (Piano Tutorial Lesson)

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

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💬 Comments

YES! Original Teen Titans! You rock, Amosdoll!!!

Author — Grim Grinning Ghost


I like how you put the other TeensTitans rather the the newer one in the thumbnail.

Author — Dr DanDy


Thank you So much . You inspired me.
You have an amazing talent
Keep it up.

Author — Daniel Ehab


Can you please do either ‘miss you’ by Gabrielle Aplin or ‘Genius’ by LSD and Sia because that would both sound amazing on piano 😁 you’re my favourite channel to learn from so I’m desperately hoping for you to consider these songs ❤️

Author — eloquence


Intricate versions of the tutorial songs make my day!

Author — Ranger gamer


can you pls do THE NIGHT BEGINS TO SHINE- teen titans go- by B.E.R

I say this to you as you are the best pianist in my opinion.

Author — BluePheonix


another great tutorial! :D

can you make a tutorial for “Whoville- Tyler the creator” :))

Author — kimo


whaoo sir. You play and teach amazing. can I request a lesson if possible? please reply 😊

Author — Basic Strings


I was just listening to this

What a coincidence! OG Teen Titans ftw!

Author — Faris Marie


I just learned this song thanks so much

Author — Retired Matthew Short


Can you please do a tutorial for the moon ducktale? Thanks

Author — unkn0wn


I watched a whole add for you!

Edit: OMG thanks for the ♥️!

Author — E-Mann


This is also the theme song for volleyball in teen titans

Author — Ishaan's Origami Valley


Can you do Apex Predator by Mean Girls next? The musical one. Or High Hopes

Author — Hanako


Yo my wish is that you can be a great piano player

Author — Manjunath Raju


wow this video needs a 1, 000 likes at least

Author — BluePheonix


This tutorial totally skips the intro which is weird because the intro to the song really isn’t that hard

Author — The Nigel Douglas


Could you do Airplane Pt 2 by BTS please?

Great video as always btw

Author — maya magali


Can you do new fortnite emotes? BECAUSE I LOVE KNEE SLAPPER

Author — Rasva Antero


Why didn't you put the tonic solfa in the description

Author — logical gamer