Deadly California wildfire forces thousands to flee

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Deadly California wildfire forces thousands to flee 4.5
The fast-moving fire has caused at least one death in Ventura County and charred at least 25,000 acres of land, authorities said.

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I saw it last night, looked like hell outside our window. Prayers to all the familes and children affected, no one needs this week's before Christmas : (

Author — Roman KFM


I just drove through there tonight. The truck infront of me threw a lit cigarette out of his damn truck window. I don't get it. Why are people so damn stupid?

Author — Michael F.


I had to face this last night and was scared for my life.

Author — Enrique


here we go again in California . I used to lived there ! Hope ! Hopes ! everybody’s be safe !! 🙏🙏🙏

Author — chrislaw1945


Yeah I would leave too. I would hate to be in a heated situation like that.

Author — Billy Bob Joe


Californians, please be aware that wild animals are fleeing the fires and they may show up in your yards. The Forestry Department is urging you to bring your domestic animals in at night and let the wild ones pass through. Please put out buckets of water for them – they are scared, exhausted, and have also lost their homes – they need to refuel.

Author — c m


This is a good reason to live a minimalist lifestyle. Just pack all your stuff in ten minutes and you're ready to move across the globe. Having an emergency bug out bag is also a good idea in case you can't get help right away. I'm sorry to all the people who've lost their homes. Good luck to your on your treacherous journey to rebuild.

Author — Lyra Serpentine


When you kill the innocent, God's curse will be surely upon you.

May God help the people.

Author — Mohammad Faizan


California needs some milk, and months of rain.

Author — Shaba Laba Ding Dong


Wow, this wildfire looks like something from stranger things it's horrible 😢🙏

Author — Sarah_ Lover09


Smh they're going to start making memes about us now

Author — Future Hendrix


When a fire threatens the lives of children, teenagers, adults, grandpas and grandmas, people in the comment section with hearts more evil and destructive than the fire itself condemn them to death. Someday you might experience something like this and you will wish that even your enemies the very people you hate might show you kindness and

Author — Ziny Sasun


0:26 definitely recognize this area in GTA5

Author — Thomas H


I live in California. .... I miss my home!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢bye world😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢*cries like crazy *

Author — Dj Musicfan


my gramma gramma live there 😭😭😭 and grandpa please give me a like I am so 😢

Author — Vanessa Mora


1:32 What whaaaat?! I would never say that.

Author — NewOne


I live there

(Edit: And Yes our house is in fire We moved to Florida)

Author — Luke Shinigami


I think somebody set that fire i know they heard the forcast and the decided to bullshyt

Author — Jamorris Webber


Now that I think about it, 1 cigarette can start a fire like that😳

Author — Sam Duong


remember fire means business ... so you figure it out...

Author — Massage Therapy For Injuries Fargo North Dakota