2013 sonic engine replacement

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

Short video on how too replace engine sorry don’t have right equipment too record or I would have done the whole procedure

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I have a 1.4L ecotec on my 2012 Cruze, I need to replace my engine. Did you use some type of guide to help you remove the engine? And do you know where i can find something to guide me thru the removal?

Author — Von Robinson


How much are engines for those. I've got a 2012.

Author — Miles Hicks


Did you have any crankshaft sensor problems with the replacement

Author — Matt Fish


I have a Chevy Spark (1.2L) and i can NOT get the engine to seperate from the trans. I got it to move about half an inch, but it wont fully seperate. Im going crazy trying to find an answer.

Author — Nathan


Hello Chad. I just did some services with my engine, basically took all out, clean and replace gaskets and, but when I reconnected all the electric connection and hoses, it does. Or start, it does no even crank, did you run into this issue? I'm thinking I might have missed something when connecting all the terminals.

Author — Jairo Palomares


Want they charge ya for a used engine?

Author — Don Green