Yung Ancestor: No Optional Preps (Hard Heist Finale) - GTA Online - The Diamond Casino Heist

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Yung Ancestor: No Optional Preps (Hard Heist Finale) - GTA Online - The Diamond Casino Heist 5

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BAAAAM. This right here is the rerecorded and reuploaded version of this. Gotta be honest, it was a lot smoother the second time around. Both in video quality and ease of completion Still though, fuck those dot puzzles. Do the Level 2 Security Pass Mission. It's easy and absolutely essential for a quick and easy heist finale. Other then that, if you're familiar with each approach, you really don't need to do many of the optional approaches. This path is the exact same strategy I used the first time around when I had every optional prep. It really doesn't matter how armored they are if you're gun-bucking/stabbing them. If you know the camera and guard routes, you're golden. Hope you enjoy.

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Always do lvl 2 security cards prep. Pay to skip it if you have to.

Author — ANT


the true pain when you accidentally get caught on Big Con - the anger tho

Edit: thanks for likes 👍

Author — ProGaming AB


metal detector doesn’t detect the drill?

Author — banana


Do anyone else hear this mans sparkin a wood in the background

Author — Giacobi Bush


You should turn off depth of field it make me feel like im going blinder

Author — one-stop killing


Just do groupe sechs with the replay glitch, 2 million every 15 minutes

Author — Desolations102


Btw you can walk or run they’re basically deaf

Author — MasterPride


That was the smoothest heist I have ever see.

Author — CJK BTW 861


I hate it when a random player ask for more cut even the host does everything

Author — Lil RoOfis


Ive been binge watching all you your videos to catchup on content ive missed. Its nice to watch quality gameplay without 30 minutes of irrelevant commentary. Keep it up.

Author — Killugh


Quit game out right after paying for optionals it won't charge you but you'll get them paid for

Author — Andrew Stockmoe


How do you open the big metal door to get into the small room with money in it ?

Author — Juan Martinez


Instead of going through the sewers, a better and faster way is to go to the building with the helicopter on top of it. I’ve used it and I completed the elite challenges with no problems

Author — Bryce Wragg


what’s everyone’s quickest big con must be max or as much as you can get from vault with high lvl buyer??

Author — ben s


If you dont care about daily vault, you can run past staff lobby to laundry room, just be unarmed and quick, elite is much better than daily vault

Author — Lord Tachanka


Who i can unclock the outfit high roller?

Author — Edu Tu


7:38 this dude has a good memory holy crap

Author — Drew Furrate


It’s funny how they using the same pocket knife to get the paintings and the same one they used to kill the gaurds

Author — Ethan Hoin


Lol u might as well of just done silent as you get in and out as u would in silent after management cutscene

Author — CorruptRapter


23:09 “Yep that’s me, so your probably wondering how I got here”

Author — Freddy Boi