When your family car is faster than a GTR

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When your family car is faster than a GTR 4.5
Would you ride with your family in this car? lol, it's obviously so fast that even beats supercars like they are going backwards!

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1:44 you know is fast when beats a GTR!

Author — BKS Media


Everybody gangsta until road starts curving

Author — Misho Pruidze


Guy: races every car he sees
Me: Gets pulled over for going 5 over the speed limit . SMH

Author — Erik


1:44 the GTR obviously forgot to turn off his AC

Author — Amateur Angler


3:48 i thought that man did the reverse gear

Author — random audience


Am I the only one seeing that some cars are not racing?

Author — Dom s


Now imagine if some of those other drivers knew there was a race.

Author — icecl0ud


3:09 The ONLY race in this video be like 🤣🤣

Author — GESAFA


I didn't see a twin turbo Toyota Supra. I think a 1000hp Supra would give you a run for your $$

Author — G Daddy


So is basically a mod car vs stock engine cars 🤔so ofcourse his going to win

Author — the exorcist


You know a car is fast when it has a camera pointed backwards

Author — Aneez Bhutia


@3:45 mans was about to open his window to say something and he just dipped😂😂

Author — Itz CoolCat


@3:49 guy was cracking his window to be like “hey mister I like your Jeep!” . . . Meanwhile dude in Jeep just remembered he left the tub drain closed with the water running

Author — Anthony Freda


1:44 when your girlfriend say come at home im solo...

Author — Keeqzy


When you wife tells you to sell the sports car to get a family car.

Author — Suds


when you realise thats the m6 was not even racing but you still cut it in

Author — qiuum


The German Driver Legend Walter Röhrl said: Acceleration is, when the tears of joy flow horizontal back to the ears

Author — Walter Lichter


"Hmm nice Cherokee! How fast is it?"


Author — Costco Pizza


Esa Troka está Buena Para ir x los mandados ...

Author — Roy Corona


When you are winning because you are the only one racing.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Steezy Steve Trilla