Russia releases dramatic video of Soyuz rocket failure

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Russia releases dramatic video of Soyuz rocket failure 4.5
The Russian Space Agency on Thursday released dramatic video of a Soyuz rocket that exploded after launch last month.

A Russian official said an investigation found the cause was a sensor that had been damaged during assembly.

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Russian rocket explosions. What the Russians do best.

Author — BurntPiston


Wow, they released the video? This time it didn't take them 30 years...LOL AND it's not even the full event.

Author — Geoshua Holsinger


At that speed they were lucky they the inertia didn’t damage the capsule. The Soyuz did well it kept the crew safe and returned them from space.

Author — Willie Gillie


Jesus...did you see the pitch changes going on there? Something is telling me that we did not get the full skinney on the crew and what type of forces they were subjected to.

Author — Yakav8r55m


can someone translate on what happened at the end ?....

Author — Johny Hansen


Does this proves the earth is not flat?

Author — Frank V


I can't believe that a MavicPro drone uses better cameras than this idiots

Author — Mister Taveras


I have 4K camera on my phone. Why is this radioactive potato used on cutting edge space technology??? We all have seen SpaceX cameras and SpaceMan i upper orbit in nice video quality so it is not impossible. So WHY is this video.... like this!?

Author — ktm640lc4BGD