Black Dart is the U.S.' Answer to Drones

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Black Dart is the U.S.' Answer to Drones 4.5

The US military has been experimenting with the use of drones for almost a century, but it’s only recently that technological advances have made unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) a game changer in warfare. Today, at least 79 countries field drones; 23 of those countries arm them.

Earlier this year, VICE News was one of the first media outlets ever granted access to the US military's annual Black Dart exercise, a decade-old joint exercise that focuses on detecting, countering, and defeating UAVs.

As we watched tens of millions of dollars worth of military equipment go up against $1,000 drones, Black Dart demonstrated the way rapidly evolving drone technology is challenging the military's most basic assumptions about controlling the air. (One civilian drone maker we visited told us that the technology he has at his fingertips is outpacing some R&D efforts at big aerospace contractors.) And so Black Dart continues to encourage innovation in the effort to keep the US military one step ahead in the cat-and-mouse game between drones and drone killers.

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Well that documentary provided absolutely nothing

Author — gavin miller


Before you watch let me save you some time. Black Dart is the US military program trying to figure out how to shoot down enemy drones. End of documentary.

Author — David Evans


How many freedoms per second do these u.s drones shoot?

Author — Said Amiri


The real question is how fast can they deliver condoms from amazon...

Author — Flying Steel


Black dart is like the cops in South Park. They're going to make police drones and one of them is going to shoot an unarmed drone and everyone is going to riot.

Author — Toylia Moskvin


They start talking about black dart at 7:20. The rest is just things that everyone knows about drones.

Author — Drew1231


the main question is; whose the babe on the stairway at 6:21?

Author — ColeYounger16


Well that was 11 minutes of absolutely nothing.

Author — Armand Rodriguez


I'll save you all the suspense, they're going to use an EMP it's the most logical and cost-effective

Author — RC-SkunkWorX


First, learn how to protect your technological intelligence from being stolen... before you do anything.

Author — PowerTuber 3.0


As the industrial-military complex laughs all the way to the bank.



the high shrill sound of my mother-in-law's irritating voice can curdle milk, so using her to disable weapons just seems inevitable.

Author — NaYawkr


Actually what you presented as a minigun was a 20mm chaingun

Author — Kendall


*Vice 2014: This is dominant platform for power 'projection' (?lol)*
*Vice 2019: RaCisT uS cArRiEr iN sOvErEiGn wAtErS oF SoUtH ShEenA sEaS oN oRdErS oF nAzI DrUmPh*

Author — Cody Slab


Watching this document a bit later in 2019 - owning DJI Mavic Air - total drone killer !

Author — Libor Smejkal


i laughed so hard when he said 30 mph, , try 2.5 times that fast, , the subs. below at all times actually pass and circle the carrier every day every hour when under way, ,, an A/T .

Author — Si Simons


So we are going to live with butterfly-sized drones spreading genetically modified Ebola coupled with HIV Strains? NOICE!

Author — kroooassant


2:43 i've heard that somewhere before but don't remember where

Author — sean


"Enemy forces", as if being an American somehow makes you part of some rich man's fight to dominant the world.

Author — dieselphiend


Famous magician trick: Look over here!!! (this “classified” tech is NOT what they are counting on at all).

Author — James White