Sexy Magician Tries to Kiss Mel B Using His Tricks!

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Sexy Magician Tries to Kiss Mel B Using His Tricks! 4.5

Michael John - Magician - America's Got Talent
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I like how innocent Mel looked and as the guy got closer and closer xD

Author — PistachioBeef75


If he was a woman and Mel B was a man, touching his arm and belly like that would've been considered as a sexual harassment.

Author — chingu1432


what if "SM" stand for sexy magician 😂😂😂

Author — Mival Do


1:39 and 2:21, make pause and you can see the signature are different...

Author — jack cole


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I just got clickbaited,
And so did you.

Author — Camden Ernst


I hate card tricks, so fn old and lame, pick a card, blah blah, write your name blah blah, now look, tadaa, wow.

Author — TriggerHappy


Card trick is simple but the initials on his chest wow i have no idea how he did it.

Author — Peťo D


Total click bait!!!!

But that’s ok

Author — 3 Half Chicks


if he kissed mel b i would have found him and killed him

Author — Chris Borromeo


This is for all the people who was trying to figure out how he did this. Also, Your welcome. So here's how he did this. I want you to compare 1:40 and 2:22 . Do you see how they both show the cards? Now, I want you to look at the signature and look at the last letter in cursive. Make sure you check both of them. You see how, in 1:40 The last letter didn't look like a C in cursive that much. Go on 2:22, the signature with the letter at the end looked like a big C in cursive. So, with that being said, what that means is, after Mel B signed the card, if you look very VERY close attention to the deck, before he folds up the card and asks Mel B if she trusts him, before that, do you see how he flipped the card and then took it and folded it, if you pause at the moment he is halfway done flipping the card, you'll see that there was probably another card behind it but he switched it without people knowing. Then he folded up the card quick, with his signature, making it look like it was Mel B's card, but it really wasn't, gave it to her and Mel B put the folded card into her mouth. Then, after that, he writes his signature right, ? Okay, then, So now I'm not 100 percent sure the camera caught this part, but Before I get to that, remember how I said he still had Mel B's card, ? So, he made it seem like he folded up his signature but actually, He switched it again with Mel Bs. Her signature must've been behind it, but the camera either didn't show it, on purpous, or just didn't realize, when he switched it. Then he folded up her signature put it in his mouth. Got close to Mel, held hands, then opened up his card to have Mel B's card. Mel B opened up hers to see that it was his signature. By the way guys like I said, his second signature, don't forget about comparing the letters. Then, yeah.. that's how he did it. All the people who are reading this, just know, no, Nobody ever told me about this. If you guys paid attention and were smart enough to realize his tricks you guys would have figured it out. Thank you guys so much if you agree and are happy to finally know the truth. Have a good day! Subscribe to my channel!

Author — Antalia vlogs



Author — Tatyana


Guess who are "SM"? Simon Cowell + Mell B LMAO??

Author — Michael Gamkharli


"tries to kiss mel b" clickbait

Author — Drip_y


1:40 and 2:20

Not even close, baby.

Author — Felipe Zanardo


Why'd he choose Mel B? Why didn't he choose Howard?

Author — TheAveryAnd NoraShow


He did kiss that’s how the cards were switched



To me that magician knew Mel B dad's name was SM so maybe he put that initial on his chest before the show & only could call on Mel B, maybe.

Author — Orriet Dawson


He could have just searched up who Mel's first kiss was and wrote it in before the show started.

Author — Nicole


I would’ve let him kiss me .. who’s with me ladies ?

Author — Equine jaz


Obviously he already had that card signed in there.

When she puts her signed card in the deck he does some sleight of hand and puts it elsewhere in the deck.

Gives her his already signed card.

Takes hers when he signs his and fold that in his mouth instead. Too easy

Author — 100 Productions