Godot 3.2: Let's Build a 2D Platformer!: Part 5 (TileMaps & TileSets) #godotengine

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Thanks for watching! In this Godot Game Engine tutorial I cover:
- How to use the Tile Map node along with a Tile Set resource to easily 'paint' a level (platforms)
- Use the Tile Set Dock with imported image sprites to define square tiles and their collision shape (rectangle or polygon)
- How to use & configure snapping when editing a tile set
- How to use the 'palette' to select tiles to paint (also: rotating & flipping tiles)
- Scaling & Transforming your entire Tile map.

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Oh man, I'm so incredibly happy that I found you on youtube. Your Godot tutorials are extremely helpful and well-made. Thank you so much!

Author — Rob 3232


You know.. I have been programming for 38 years and I forgot why I used to enjoy it in the beginning. I used to love getting things to animate on my Vic 20.. Fast forward to today and I find myself bored stupid with embedded device programming. I've dabbled with Unity, Blender and various game engines over the years but I never seem to feel inspired to go any further.

Just spending time going through the past 5 tutorials has been a relaxing fun experience and it's got me wondering "Should I have go at making a game sometime?". I appreciate your enthusiasm on these videos. I think that goes a long way. Keep it up!

Author — Paul Spark


Thanks you for this series I am becoming more confident in my game development knowledge thank you

Author — m d


Nice, easy to follow video. I do have one point of feedback this time. At 7:15, my TileMap dock looked different and I was worried something had gone wrong. The two differences were that I didn't have snapping on (I think it's off by default if you've never touched it) and my tile in the main part of the TileMap dock was a lot smaller, which I changed by clicking the plus symbol in the top right of the TileMap dock to zoom in.

To anyone else who wonders about this, it's OK, just follow through and it'll look the same on your end.

Author — Wineblood


who on earth could possibly click the thumbs down button for this awesome series

Author — MOONLIGHTデイドリーマー


Wow, I was just creating a pixel art tileset when my phone informed that there's a new tutorial out!
Excited to put them to use right away! :)

Author — Bomtoi


Your videos helped me ALOT because I was looking to learn how to script on this engine and your videos helped me understand it/learn it extremely well. So thank you so much!

Author — It's Unknown YT


Thank you for these amazing tutorials, I can't wait for Part 6. :)

Author — #Gamer


Thank you so much for these videos! ^^ I manage to do 5 parts today and there still super easy to follow X3

Author — Lovely


This is the best godot tutorial serie I've seen so far. Thank you!

Author — Benjámin Balázs


This is an awesome tutorial series! So far I've taken 18 pages of notes will working through these videos, and feel like I'm learning a lot! Thank you!

Still curious how much of everything in this series could be swapped for 3D assets. Like would the coding part be about the same with additional 3D specific code?

Author — dat dude


"no code today"
*sad puppy face*

Author — didz13


You know, if everyone who watched and finished these tutorials send in their levels made during these tutorials, you could have a lot of levels for a game.

Author — Westeford


Thank you, you make things so easy to understand. Go GODOT for games!

Author — zippyandgeorge1983


you really deserve more subscribers !!
(who the hell is disliking the videos

Author — Ali Alhasan


16:33 You can change the Node2D's "Z Index" to accomplish the same thing if you'd like to keep your scene structure the same

Author — Lightning_A


I'm having trouble with one of the tiles. I can jump right through it from above. I followed what he said exactly. The other tiles are all perfect. I thought it was a collision issue so I made Steve's collision larger and a rectangle and the same problem happens. It's tile 7.

Author — Darkfaith


Hey bro I love your vids! Thanks for the great tutorials

Author — Brady Johnston


Thank you <3 I finally understand Godot now! :) I have a question, I want to have water and lava in my 2D Platformer game. Can I put the water and lava sprite in the Tileset? My water and lava should be animated. (I'm from Germany sorry if my english is not so good) And can I add Spikes and Saws in my Tilset so I can paint them? The Player get hurt if he is on collision with spikes or saws.

Author — LP Marvin 99


Thank you for your hard work! God bless!

Author — Idanmuze