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Sorority Chants reacted to by College Kids! Original video links below!

College Kids react to Sorority From Hell (Sorority Chants)! Watch to see their reaction!

Content featured in this episode:
Sorority at the Gates of Hell

Beta Sigma Recruitment

Texas State ADPi- Boom Boom (recruitment '12)

AGD Iota door chantzzzzz

You'll Be A Zeta Door Chant

This episode features the following College Kids:
Ethan James

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Author — REACT


I am actually legitimately shocked that Madison wasn't in a sorority. In a good way.

Author — Maya Madolyn


Me an outsider not knowing as only founding out now sororities and fraternities are supposed to be about charity says a lot about the culture and reputations of the Greek system

Author — Skylar


As a Brit, I had to spent ten minutes trying to find out if a sorority is a type of cult

Author — Hi Bye


Not being from America this is just disturbing and terrifying. Why is this even a thing?

Author — James Bradley


The culture can be toxic but there are always exceptions. I wasn't a part of a sorority, but my school only had a few fraternities and sororities, and most were academics based. The engineering fraternity for example was a big deal at my school. That kind I can get behind, because you have a built in study group, you have alumni that can help you get internships and job opportunities, and the groups tend to lower living costs by pooling resources and getting donations from alumi, so they have less debt after school.

Author — Tracie Irene


this is if a cheer team and a cult had a baby

Author — ian


Scary. It reminds me of the scene from Shrek when they are entering the city and there is an introductory box with puppets and children's voices singing about what is expected of you upon entering...

Author — NikAlice


Yea I don't feel like paying for friendship

Author — vanittah mwangi


LOL Ethan's unabashed and comical reactions had me burst out in laughter for the 2nd time in this vid. The firs time was of course when the video started hahaha. srsly, I would love to see these recruitment in action. It would be quite the eye opener. hah

Author — David Ng


chants are creepy but I love them, chanting in primary school at sports event was always fun even though I wasn't sporty, it just felt as if the louder and the more people that chant together the more likely our faction would feel positive and win, although it wasn't chants like this more basic but honestly it was fun so I kinda feel bad they're hating on the chanting, although as a foreigner all I hear about sororities and frats are bad things, also they seem to have their own language almost?

Author — Bassa Sababa Rebel Beans


I love Kostas omg I love how he explained the pros and cons! SOOOO accurate. I appreciate you dude.

Author — Abigail Bowie


I go to a small tech school where most of the kids here are studying some form of engineering. We're all so stressed out about school, that no one has the time or energy to haze, and greek life is just so different here. The campus as a whole has a very big service culture about it and most of the time, if you really want to join a certain organization, you'll probably get a bid for it. Yeah, parties exist, but it's not a huge part of greek life here at all. The only reason why I would ever go into greek life is because of how inclusive it is here. Most of the students on campus have some sort of greek affiliation.

Author — Melina Dallastella


This is why you join a multicultural sorority. They're awesome and they defeat a lot of the stereotypical thoughts on sororities.

Author — Karine Garduno


Wonder how these kids would react to sororities like Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Zeta Phi Beta, & Sigma Gamma Rho...

Author — Darius McKiver


It makes me sad that Jeordy hasn't heard of Alpha Phi Omega, she would fit in perfectly with everyone!

Author — Jake


I'm a part of a sorority and there were times during rush and after where I felt I was out of place, being as there weren't a lot of pocs at the college i was attending and there very few in my sorority. People changed overtime and I started to distance myself from it to just some of my pledge sisters and some of the members. I do think I made some good friends out of it but as far as being the happy go lucky sorority girl, that wasn't in my cards. Plus our sorority is the party sorority and all the other sororities think that's all we do

Author — Chastian Cowans


I was actually really worried when my sister told me she wanted to join a sorority when she went to college, because of all the controversial stuff and just I feel like they give off bad vibes to me, both frats and sorority groups. But luckily it seems like my sister’s is pretty chill and it’s more just loaded with theater kids and jokesters and they all get together and do fun improv group stuff. Go WFU I guess. I honestly only say that cause my sister, I don’t pay attention to college life. But I know for sure I couldn’t handle a sorority, I’m too much of an introvert and too brutally honest and have a severe fear of disappointing people I know.

Author — MOADay


There are so many other ways to make friends and meet people. Colleges have many different clubs you can get involved with.

I was asked to rush while in college multiple times. I laughed so hard. hell nawww

Author — Alicia Cerankowski


the chants were a bit weird but maybe that's just the culture. If you want to meet people in college and the greek life is not your thing, I'd recommend joining a sport club.

Author — samuraijoo7