War in Ukraine : Insane Combat Footage

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War in Ukraine : Insane Combat Footage 4.5
Label and copyright: War Clashes

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Not a single headline in the United States media about this war.

Author — Thomas Jefferson


War is fun until you get your arm or leg blown off.

Author — Rita the Hamstew


War is delightful to those who have not experienced it.
--Desiderius Erasmus

Author — Mortum Rex


only the dead will see the end of war...

Author — john fuentes


I have a feeling that this war will go on forever like in Afganistan

Author — DeadlyGeneral 679


55:10 is that PTRS-41? He could effectively snipe anyone within 1-1.5km if he had some glass on that...

Author — Paul V


26:11 sounds like a perfect snare drum.

Author — J PW


So glad equal rights are everywhere now.
So many feminists in the videos fighting !

Author — Random


this is one of the only piece of footage i can find where it actually shows the out going and incoming rounds. all other footage only shows the soldiers firing and yelling at each other it doesn't show what goes on down range and what it looks like when you come under attack.

Author — Nicholas Hanson


This looks like a bunch of gopniks at a Stalker session.

Author — Marcus The Death of Rats


if we don't end war, war will end us H. G. Wells

Author — Shield Shieldovski


20:50 random little dog. Poor things gonna have hearing problems later.

Author — Keith Davis


19:20 dude still has the safey cap on smh

Author — Feuertaufe


Elon musk: AI will kill us all

Putin: let me introduce myself

Author — Jeff Martynov


:20 seconds in you can count how many times this man almost lost his head

Author — Deemo Cheff


only those on the field knows what does it take to be a warrior.

Author — Yibang Fan


"Be advised. We've got zips in the wire down here."

Author — David Bradley


I think that, the guy whit rpg at 20:00 is from Slovakia, he said "buzerant hybaj" whit perfekt slovak accent. Its Hard to translate it to english, but maybe "lets go bugger"

Author — Jakubko Englich


20:47 ... that dog is traumatized and has no idea what is going on, coming to humans for help in this situation which is the saddest thing I've seen lately. I care much more about animals than I do humans.

Author — Good Luck


8:20 lol this guy in the forground has an german jacket i hae the same
GG dude i hope you still life

Author — MEM SAS