2020 Duotone Mono Kite Review

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

The mid season launch of the Duotone Mono single strut kiteboarding kite just happened and we were on the water immediately to check it out. TJ loved it and thinks you will too.

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Hi bigwinds
Thanks for your useful reviews.
I was wondering if you have an opinion about how much of a difference there is between a 9m Neo and a 13m Mono for lightwind foiling (10 to 13 knots). My thinking is that the weight difference might be quite small at such different sizes but that maybe with so much low-end and wind range (as publicised) the 9m Neo might deliver similar capabilities?
Just trying to understand how feasible is it to make a 9m Neo the biggest kite on my quiver
Thanks in advance

Author — @kikoyouth


Hey, What the wind 💨 was when you test the kite?