Spring Break 2019 / Fort Lauderdale Beach / Video #83

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Spring Break 2019 / Fort Lauderdale Beach / Video #83 4.5
Video #83 of the playlist for SPRING BREAK 2019 at Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Music by Epidemic Sound

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@3:00, ,, watching her friends bail, , best bod award though.

Author — brianmathew09


Sou mais as brasileiras mesmo, não tem pra ninguém são lindas de mais....viva o Brasil

Author — Luciano Pinheiro


Honey tell your momma and daddy thank you.

Author — morgan green


💦💦 ذوق
💦💦💦 رُقي
💦💦💦💦 ابدع
💦💦💦💦💦 رائع
🌷💦💦💦💦 متميزه
ياغالي 🌹🌹🌹

Author — الصهيبي اعبدالله Abdullah alsohibi


very good music in brazil we have Jurerê Internacional in florianapolis very beautiful, in the northeast there are beautiful beaches like canoa and jeri, fortaleza ceara welcome brazil 🇧🇷😏🙃

Author — Paulo Rocha


Moneeeey!! i need money for buy blondes women... 🍼

Author — Megalodon 1945


Deberías d venir a Sudamérica especialmente a Venezuela acá están las mujeres más bellas con súper cuerpo nada comparable

Author — Fredy Nero


As brasileiras dão dez nessas quadradas.

Author — Alexheavy Pinotti Bernardo


0:07 Amazing blonde with wihte top !! 0:55 thanks

Author — Jose Perez Gil


You should film the same girl for a longer time, specially the hottest ones

Author — Harutso Pescador


Girl in yellow saw the camera and was like shit I gotta hide. Daddy is gonna see me lol 2:42

Author — Kooora Radio


nothing more beautiful in this world than girls wearing tiny thongs on beach.

Author — shopnoraj