Jordan Peterson Shares His Thoughts on Hitler

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

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It's not evil to try to understand why people do what they do. It's actually his job

Author — Joe Mama


I'd like to hear Hitlers thoughts on Jordan Peterson.

Author — Robert Cece


"Even when the stakes are low, people won't speak up." Integrity is so much more than doing the right thing when people aren't looking.

Author — Millies


Man its so impossible these days to discuss the deeper aspects of people, times, and situations without being shut down by the visceral response of those whom are too afraid to consider an alternative thought or point of view.

Author — melonbobful


I sometimes forget Jordan Peterson is Canadian until he randomly says “aye”

Author — Rodolfo Suarez


Imagine that, a rational take on Hitler as a real human, rather than talking about him like he's some comic book supervillain.

Author — Stanley Darshingson


The fact that this is the first time I hear someone actualy talk about Hitler instead of insulting him or just saying "his bad" proves how cowardly our society is. Nobody is ever going to tell you their real opinion on a complicated topic.
I respect him for being able to talk about Hitler without just saying a bad joke and ending the conversation.

Edit: Why does this have so many likes. I made the comment while drunk. I don't even agree with it's premise.

Author — Golden Mairon


No one's gonna talk about Jordan's clean ass cut? 😳

Author — n00bie


If only they'd let him into that damn art school.

Author — Six Strings


We'd all like to think we'd be heroes but he's right. How many of us ACTUALLY would.

Author — Chris Smith


One thing I agree with here: 'people are not that brave'. I learnt that lesson young - you can't count on anyone when the heat is applied - Trust yourself folks.

Author — Jesper Sorensen


Yes: and the most dangerous thought is: oh this could never happen to me or in my own country. It is like an invitation to evil itself.

Author — karsten burger


It’s absolutely amazing that people like to blame one person that being Hitler however, you needed a lot of people in agreement to create this killing machine

Author — Stefan Kurlak


Dear FBI,
I am watching this for educational purposes - I am not a nazi.

Thank you for watching and as always, have nice day.

Author — Kush Patel


I love how Ethan Didn’t interupt once during this.👏👏👏

Author — Hello


JP never disappoints. His insight and knowledge is always worth listening to. And Canadians don't become

Author — Alec Baldwin


Amazing to hear a knowledgeable person speaking objectively and openly about the NSDAP phenomenon. He is by no means a neo-nazi or even a Hitler fan, but he realises the reality of the situation. Hell, most of us would have followed Hitler at that time under those circumstances. Easy to criticise after the fact. Thank God the Axis lost the war, but let's not forget that the vast majority of people in those Axis nations were regular people like you and me.

Author — Quentin Mansur


There really are very few people who are smart enough to take part in a rational discourse with this man, without running the risk of resorting to baseless and frivolous accusations, or worse, putting words in his mouth and steering the conversation to a level they find intellectually comfortable.

Author — Shruti Bhattacharyya


Before labelling him a Hitler sympathizer, remember that Dr Peterson is a clinical psychologist. Here he's NOT justifying his actions but merely analyzing the factors that could have led to the construction of that sick ideology of his during his time in the trenches and post WWI.

Author — Tuff Guy


“Even when the stakes are low people won’t speak up “ so true .

Author — Stephen Basu