Mozzarella Cheese |from lemon juice | only 2 ingridients| Without Renet

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Asslam u alaikum.

Perfect homemade mozzarella cheese.
It is use in pizza , sandwiches, omlet,
pastas and many more .

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Raw Milk 1 litre.
Lemon 2/3.
Or white vinegar ½ cup
Water as required.
Salt 1 tbsp. (It's optional) add in water.

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I thought this method was easy, untill I made a 1 ingredient mozzarella cheese. With just milk. I was thrilled. By the way I love your lemon juicer.

Author — Recipe boxNG


Wow looks amazing this homemade cheese is yummy enjoyed the recipe 😋

Author — Naila Rashid's Kitchen & Vlog


This looks amazing! I love homemade cheese. Nice lemon squeezer.
Liked and enjoyed to the end. Thanks for sharing

Author — The Little Minimalists


Omg, it looks so perfect, I will try soon

Author — Pakistandesi tarka


it looks so perfect amazing recipe thanks for sharing

Author — Foodies Kitchen


Wonderful recipe mozzarella cheese looks very good 👍 thanks for sharing 👍

Author — Ya Ya Sha Sha


I try to do it nd it works .... thankyou so much 👏

Author — Suman Aulakh


Easy method to make Mozarella cheese at home Nice sharing

Author — Lahori khana


I've seen many Mozzarella cheese making without rennet, but in almost every video the curds were crumbled in the beginning then holds together, but yours seem to Holding together well right after formation. what s the reason?

Author — Tariq Osman


After reading Robinson Crusoe I wondered how he was able to make cheese. But then I remembered, he had lemons!

Author — Cocoabine


at first phase while checking temperature with your finger and adding lemon juice and stirring, did you turn the heat off or kept on low heat ? thanks

Author — 201redlight


Is milk raw or pasteurized?? I don't have raw milk

Author — Sara Rajput


Ohh I might try this one day. It looks quite easy.. Tfs

Author — Lady Likeables


When adding the lemmon juice is the heat on or off?

Author — LILA TV


Waaaaow very easily you make it at home

Author — cindrella boos


I followed your instructions, the cheese never gets that flexible and only gets smaller every time I dunk it in the hot water. What am I doing wrong?

Author — Angel G. S.


I tried this recipe l am 11 year old I don't think that i can make mozzarella cheese by this recipe and i tried only 1 time and guess what i made mozzarella cheese and it has cheese pull also this recipe really work try this recipe

Author — sana


Very good video i have cook it to on my channel.very good making..big like 31

Author — KitchenGranny


When I add lemon juice in milk it do not turns strectable so please help me to get rid of this problem

Author — Sanju Jangir