Armored Warfare - T-14 152 Armata Premium Main Battle Tank

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Armored Warfare - T-14 152 Armata Premium Main Battle Tank 5

Today I am looking at the T-14 152 Armata "Premium" Tier 10 MBT

Although I don't agree with buying loot crates, I don't mind giving them away! So make sure you all enter the competition here:

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💬 Comments on the video

i had the armatta that they remove the 152mm to put a now they are "selling" the 0.5% chance to getting it lol right well im not gonna put money into this

Author — Alexandre angel


Imagine Brasscase in this *Evil Face Emoji*

Author — Burak C. Yilmaz


I got one of these yesterday from the loot crates awarded by the current pvp event. I actually really like it, despite the reload. People are intimidated by it on the battlefield

Author — Jagzeh


Yep agree hat the loot crates I'd Buy 1 (even though I had it originally) but I won't spend money in any Pixel Tank "Lottery"

Author — AusTankie Gaming


I think it's funny how the fact that they don't offer the lootcrates in the Netherlands where i live already should say enough about these lootcrates being a bad thing, not that i have any interest into filling mycom's pockets in the first place. For that to happen i'd like them to first stop alienating their PvE and European communities, yes i watched the tournament live and whilst the russians played better it was definitely not only skill being the main cause.

I'll join the giveaway though, and let you know if i end up getting lucky :P

Author — TheLightLOD


Don’t get why the 152 has more pen then both the 120 and 140 on the XM1A3, but balance I guess?

Author — Chipper Rainey


If they put it in shop for gold or cash, it's ok but loot crates it's waist of money.

Author — bart ck


They still sell those loot boxes, which by the way is illegal in many countries in EU ? and you promote that BS ? for a bit Gold and free tanks ? well done mr. streamer, well done.. already forgotten the last loot boxes Desaster ? no refund ? Nothing ? never again armored Warfare.. and by the way : why is this upcoming storyline taking place in Georgia ? which is partly occupied by russians ? why not in petersburgh ? Moscow ? …

Author — Ulrich F.