8 Things 'HOT' Guys NEVER Do!

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8 Things 'HOT' Guys NEVER Do! 5
Special alpha m. thank you to Brio for making the best grooming tool on the market and for sponsoring this video!

You Are NOT {Hot} If You …
1. Ask if she got your text — she always gets your texts. You can send a follow-up text after 24-hours but NOT asking if she got your text. Send something playful instead such as “Yo momma, what’s shaking?” If you don’t get a response, move on.
2. Look at girls boobs when you’re talking to them — eyes need to be up and maintain eye contact.
3. Don’t show any skin — show a little man cleavage; it’s a bit of a bad boy thing.
4. Have razor burns, bumps, stubble, in-grown hairs — these kill your sexy look. If you’re going to shave, use a loofah in the shower daily (especially if you’re shaving). If you’re suffering extensively from burns or bumps, use your Brio. Pop the attachment or adjust a few clicks.
5. Neglect your beard when grooming — chicks find 10 -15 day stubble attractive. Get a Brio to maintain the stubble or any other facial hair length. You can use the Brio for your face and body, and no other grooming tool can match the quality, battery life, closeness, and price. The price is jaw-dropping — Alpha has a special link for you.
6. Act better than other people — guys who are always flexing and bragging are not sexy.
7. Forget to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ — common courtesy and being a gentleman is a way to take your hotness through the roof.
8. Don’t watch Alpha M’s videos

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Sorry for burning your finger Alpha😋

Im a dude

Author — Lisa Fistamich


Alpha is the only one who can pull of thumbnails like that on YouTube

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People who tell me I'm beautiful:
My mom
Alpha M

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Liked for the part 2:23 till 2:28..
The effort and energy he puts is insane

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Note to self: don't stare at "bewbs" 😳

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No one :
Literally no one:
Like legit no one:
Seriously no one:

Alpha: Señorita's

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Alpha: calls me hot

My fatass eating cereal in the dark at 2am: "heheh. What can i say... awww yisss

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You know he had to change the title from “8 things I don’t do”

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" *Janice, my eyes are up here* "

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i was picking my nose when you called me “hot”

not convinced -_-

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Boys please never text someone “yo mama what shaking”😂

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2:28 I wanna set the sound alpha makes as my alarm in the morning 😂

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Driking game: For every single mention of caliente, you have to drink a bottle of Tiege Hanley.

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2:26 - 2:28

Somebody pls pls make a gif and send the link here😂😂😂

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"Yo mama what's shaking"? That may have worked in the 90s but not in this era 😂

Author — waltdeezy11


Protip: don't ever say "yo momma, what's shakin" to a girl that you want

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No one:
Absolutely no one:
Me getting spicy señoritas in the fall;
I add spice to pumpkin spice latte. It works boys . It works😂

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Aaron is hilarious 😂😆 makes me Lough out loud at 2am..

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This dude really out here teaching guys how to be men

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Its been 2 years since i start watching alpha m and now i really feel like a ALPHA M

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