PM Modi Gives China President Xi Jinping A Tour Of Arjuna's Penance In Mahabalipuram

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PM Modi Gives China President Xi Jinping A Tour Of Arjuna's Penance In Mahabalipuram 5

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Happy to see modiji in tamil traditional dress



Modi is universal king in this time of his life.

Author — Prasad M V


For the first time INDIA is being ruled by REAL HINDUSTANI who are proud of their identity 🕉️🇮🇳💪

Author — Moenniek


Owasi can't digest these pictures. Any time we can expect his reaction. What Modi is doing is against the 'peacefull' message of the peacefull religion.

Author — Kris Pancham


Dravidian style Modi gaaru 😍....hearty welcome from 4

Author — rohit kotakonda


Good to see modiji in south indian traditional tamil dress.

Author — sachin kesarkar


Sad to see north Indians attributing Modis dress to South India. Once every Indians used to wear this. Muslim invaders changed dressing of North Indians. South Indians remained untouched for 1000 years and conserved their tradition. Still some part of the North India uses this dress it's not in main stream. It's high time to realize and re embrace our ancient time

Author — Shridhara Gowda


Imagine Rahul Gandhi guiding XI Jinping was he the PM. I'm sure Rahul would had to train himself one month before to pull this off .

Author — Ayush Shukla


Wow. Nice to see Prime Minister Modi ji in South Indian Dress.

Author — Raveendra Rao


This entire place in Mahabalipuram was dedicated to Mahabharata by the Pallava Kings. There are more rock-cut statues & places where we can find Temples for Shiva and Lord Karthikeya.

Author — Bala V.O.C


Wow great...for years our early Indian culture and tradition were not promoted don't know why....but you have done great job beloved PM.

Author — Abhinav Singh


I feel modi is naturally fit in tamil attire

Author — Tamilnadu Govt Jobs For Tamils Only


Modi ji k kai roop hai Desh ko represent karne ki . Thankyou Modi ji once again for making us proud Indian.Jai Hind.🙏🙏

Author — Chandraprakash Sharma


It's a proud movements to be cherished that tamilnadu has been the instrumental of cultural heritage between China and India. Let Trade deficit be balanced and territory issues be resolved through this summit, all the best.

Author — Tamiz Nadu


Modi looking much better in South Indian Outfit.

Author — Akhil Babu


Goddamned foreign policy is being fixed, made proper. India becomes prominent with minimal arm twisting. Modi amazing work Sir.

Author — rutwik jadhav


Greatest PM ever 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
I proudly says to my children that I have seen the era of great PM Mr. Narendra Modi

Author — Sumit Rao


psychological warfare

let the wanabe dragon lizard know what happened in mahabharata

once hindus make up their mind to war they do become killing machines which can put any berseker to shame

the only problem with hindus is they show a lot of restraint before deciding whom to eliminate

Author — Aayushi Chourasia


China wale sab jagha ki copy bana lenge 😂

Author — Rohit Kumar


Love it to see you in the traditional attire of southern region of my great country. Love you Tamil Nadu. Love you Bharath.
From Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh ❤️🙏

Author — Bharat, not India.