Edvard Grieg - March of the Trolls (Orchestral Version)

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"Trolltog" (March of the Trolls) by Edward Grieg, from his 5th book of "Lyriske stykker" (Lyric Pieces) Op. 54.

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March of the Trolls, the anthem of the Internet.

Author — ArtUniverse


This song was featured in the 1929 Disney's Silly Symphony short "The Skeleton Dance".

Author — Michael Laffey


Too bad Edvard Grieg never lived to see the internet and what trolls have become.

Author — The Ultimate Reductionist


I'm in 7th grade. I take symphonic band, and we have to play this in a concert!

Author — Leah G


Hard to decide if this is better or march of the dwarfs. Soothing music, love it.

Author — BladMatyGorella


I thought this was a different song, I just got trolled.

Author — Shai


love the piccolo part for this! hard but fun! love me those runs and fast high notes! knew i loved it when our band sight read it through the first time and i got it on the first try!

Author — Emma Wilding


Watch any Smurfs episode and you'll recognize this theme as a regular soundtrack of the show. Cool, huh?

Author — shootingstarcute


One of the first metal songs ever written!

Author — mrsleep0000


In the middle, they see the princess that is so fair that they don't dare to harm her, then com to their senses and continue on their mischievous frolicking... :-)

Author — nilsmorner


While I love this entire song, I wish 0:00- 0:42 was longer.

Author — Kehwanna


Bravo. Impressive & elaborate arrangement of the "Trolltog". It was performed by the orchestra with aplomb and élan.

Author — Y P


It's intended like that. It's called a Crescendo and it's supposed to be a form of interpretation.

You can't expect all music having the same volume, now can you?

Author — MadPyrotechnicus


im gonna ask my band director if we can play this piece! this is so sick!

Author — Raq n Roll


Unbelievable, much more magnificent than piano version!!!

Author — Janina Jiang


The violin solo is the best part by far.

Author — Leo Gordon


I always loved this song as a kid and still do.

Author — Queen Daisy


Phone be like: If you listen to media at high volume for extended periods, hearing damage can occur.

Shad be like: I'd rather go deaf listening to Grieg than any of today's garbage.

Been wondering what this piece was called for YEARS. Happy to find it finally!!

Author — Shadow2Serenity


This was used in troll face quest 4 Winter Olympics at the storyline opening.

Author — __


I'm early! I told you guys Internet Explorer wasn't that bad!

Author — ThatOneScarecrow