France v Argentina | 2018 FIFA World Cup | Match Highlights

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

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France and Argentina played out a FIFA World Cup classic in the Round of 16 at Russia 2018. Kylian Mbappe starred in Les Bleus' epic 4-3 comeback as Argentina and Lionel Messi exited the tournament.

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I had to rewatch this after the 2022 final. These two teams have put on nothing short of amazing performances against each other.

Author — Marcus Mar


Every time Argentina and France face off, it's a show. This is FOOTBALL.

Author — Edgy


Who's here after France and Argentina qualified for the World Cup final 2022?

Messi's second chance and France' chance to be the first back to back world champion in 60 years! No matter who wins, this final will be historic.

Author — Dolan Bright


What a match it was in 2022. So so happy that messi finally got to lift the trophy. Man really deserved it. Congratulations Argentina

Author — Chill Goa


Just when you thought a France x Argentina game couldn’t get better, Qatar proved everyone wrong.

What a final.

Author — Games 4 Ever


This was one of the greatest World Cup games ever. The goals by DiMaria, Mbappe and especially Pavard were things of beauty.

Author — Eric Hodge


That Di Maria goal
That Pavard Spectacular
Mbamppe running the show...
That last scare when Aguero made it 4-3... One of the best games you will ever witness in a world cup

Author — Lindokuhle Matters


if France and Argentina both reach the finals of 2022 i will scream in excitement

Author — Feeling Nether


This match was INCREDIBLE! France and Argentina really know how to put on a show when they play each other.

Author — alpha7


4 years later and it’s now the World Cup final🔥

Author — Kay tee


1:14 - one of the greatest replays in football history.

Author — This Is Football Gaming


4 years later and both Di Maria and Mbappe have scored again

Author — Alessio Del Castillo


congratulation from France to all Argentinians people... until the 70, I thought we were missing our game on French side... then we could surprisingly come back to 2-2... then you scored 3, then we came back again... on all the game, it's well deserved on your side, to win this match... hope it will bring joy in Argentina... on French side, we are disapointed, we would have liked to put the third star on the shirt, but for all the argentinians suffering in their everyday life, I am happy for you too... Have fun, enjoy those moments, 4 years ago when we won it, the French streets went crazy during the whole competition (and after the winning too, sure)... it's great moments to live for a country, to win a football world cup... the best from France, and congratulation again...

Author — Julien RICHARD


These 2 teams are like football anime rival teams. They bump into each other at every turn and give off an epic match which keeps us all in suspense.

Author — Mohamed Anoof Shaheem


Combined with the 2022 Final, these two countries have just built a genuine football rivalry.

Author — VamosAndiamo


That second goal by France was such a sick shot 👌

Author — Andrew Byrnes


This was a world cup finale— level match. Seriously it was so heart-stopping.

Author — Shayan Mandal


This will be a much different game, I think. France is missing some of its best players. Mbappé is a little slower but wiser. Argentina's defense looks more solid in 2022. Messi is older and slower, but somehow more connected with his teammates and as inspired as ever. Who knows who will prevail in the end, but it will be a fascinating game, for sure.

Author — La lírica adecuada


This match was amazing both teams were pushed to their limits and it was a very close match

Author — Lonely Driver


Just watched Argentina win 2022 world Cup against France. One of the greatest world Cup Matches of all time. 🇦🇷🇫🇷

Author — Khalid Ansari