Fear Equation Gameplay Impressions - Weekly Indie Newcomer

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

Fear Equation Gameplay Impressions with Splattercat! Take control of a train and guide it through the nightmarish fog in a desperate attempt to keep the last human survivors alive.

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💬 Comments

this would be cool to watch a series of, but that's up to splattercat

Author — Deruzen


I'd definitely like this to be a series because it's really interesting if not a lil bit scary and unsettling

Author — mustardseed


Do a series! It'd be kickass to have a series with longer episodes.

Author — Bendigeidfran


This is ultimately your decision of course, but would you consider a series? It would be really, really good.

Author — Grnd_ctrl


Would definitely like a series of this. Seems like a very interesting game

Author — chenrikl


splat this seems really cool would love if you did a few more videos for this game

Author — Kyle Lynch


I would like it if this turned into a series

Author — Cole River


This game looks awesome, make it into a series :D

Author — Lethyss


Would be awesome to see this as a playthrough, but unfortunately most of these WIN don't make it to the channel for a longer time. I hope you consider a playthrough of this, at least something like Tharsis.

Author — JB


If you did make a playthrough, I would watch it.

Author — zwsCS


it looks very interesting. a playthrough would be nice but again it's upto you.

Author — sai satyendu pati


Please do a series, this is such a cool and well thought out indie game.

Author — ThePlatypotamus


I was really hoping you'd cover this-- looks very interesting. I'll probably end up getting it myself, but I'd definitely love a series in the mean time :)

Author — Wolfborn8


This game would be great for a series.

Author — Shoa


It's your decision but I would love to see a series of this. Seems like an interesting concept for a game.

Author — ANamelessTrooper


this definitely should be made into a series

Author — Eltrox


This looks interesting. I wouldn't mind a series from it.

Author — JayXdbX


I would LOVE to see a series of this, this is one of the most interesting concepts I've seen for a game in a long time.

Author — Cookiesaurus Rex


I love the idea that your fears can hurt you, and to see that in a game is fantastic. It's like confirming paranoia. Would love to see a series

Author — Gavin deLeon


this itd be fun to watch you play splattercat and maybe you could give this the deadnought treament of one playthrogh/run as a mini series since alot of people on the channel seem to want more

Author — nomar611