Why It's Almost Impossible to Skip a Stone 89 Times | WIRED

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Why It's Almost Impossible to Skip a Stone 89 Times | WIRED 5

Kurt Steiner set the world record for skipping stones by hurling a rock at the water and making it skip an astonishing 88 times. How is that even possible? WIRED's Robbie Gonzalez got coaching from Steiner to find out how he does it -- and looked into fluid dynamics and physics to see whether we've reached the limit for skipping stones.

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Why It's Almost Impossible to Skip a Stone 89 Times | WIRED

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Wow I was wondering why my skips always stopped at 88, thanks

Author — Hendrik Wennberg


The fishes be like... "DID YOU SEE THAT ASTEROID?!?" .."THERE IT IS AGAIN!!!"

Author — Kiki Tay


Someone: gets 90 skips

Wired: why it’s almost impossible to skip a stone 91 times

Author — Ved Nooka


he was lowkey mad because you were wasting his rocks xD

Author — dontstealmyacid


Him: I never count.

So… there's a chance he broke his own record without realising

Author — ARAH


No ones going to mention how his last name is 'Steiner', and how "Stein" is German for Stone?? He is literally "Kurt 'Stoner' the Stone Skipper"

Author — Samuel Luca Mattheus van Niel


"why it's almost impossible to skip a stone 89 times"

Me: can't even find a flat rock

Author — Defound


Imagine finding the best rock ever and messing up the throw

Author — 3s CRs


This is the guy that LOOKS like he’s the world master of stone skipping.

Author — No Fun Intended


“why it’s almost impossible to skip a rock 89 times”
mark rober: hold my nephews

Author — Iamsomeone


World record: 88 skips
WIRED: Lets just add one more and call it impossible

Author — Ramit Singh


Does anyone else think Steiner looks like such a boss when he throws a rock, something about his technique is just so satisfying to see.

Author — Chabooey


As a wise man said.

“I never count”

Author — S C L


Wired: "Why it's impossible to get 89 skips

Experts: "Yeah so the max is around 300"

Author — Rylan Schuerman


guy: skips 89

WIRED: why its almost impossible to skip 90

Author — neilj 345


I didn’t even know it was possible to skip a stone 89 times

Author — Faze Harambe


I would be careful around a guy who is literally known for being good at throwing stones.

Author — Automaticist


Title: Why its almost impossible to skip a stone 89 times

Me: *Can’t even skip a stone 1 time*

Author — FerhadM55


Well, he looks exactly how I would expect the stone skipping world record holder to look like.

Author — Skilly


"its probably higher than you think"
me an Intellectual: 89-1

Author — Thanos