[KENDO RANT] - How to do Mitorigeiko? How Will Kendo Evolve?

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Andy I’d love to hear more about how you keep your ready stance and how you have trained to be able to keep that ready stance during longer matches. I’ve found that I have pain in the heel - Achilles tendinitis the morning after a good training session

Author — Aoi Sagara


Hi Andy Sensei,
I hope you and your family are doing well.
I have noticed for bogu sets that are generally more economic (ie. no fancy bamboo do-tai or extensive deer skin, probably around £500 or below), bogu brands/designers from Japan like Zen Nihon tend to use orizashi especially on kote, whereas bogu brands from outside of Japan (at least in Europe and Asia) tend to use synthetic leather on kote. It seems like that Japanese brands like to use orizashi even on more expensive bogu sets as well. Is there a reason behind this tendency, and what would you say is the main difference between the two types?
Thank you!

Author — Duke of Hannover


Thank you for your time have a nice weekend Sensei ! ⚔️💥👍👍

Author — Luis Abreu


Coffee ☕️ in mornings and kendo - great combo

Author — Nicholas Usui-Crook


Oh this is a great video. The best kendo video I've ever seen! )))

Author — Kendo is fun