Obama responds to hecklers at speech

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Obama responds to hecklers at speech 5
President Barack Obama addresses hecklers during his immigration reform speech in San Francisco.

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And Trump be like “get ‘em outta here!”

Author — Michael Plurad


Imagine how mad this dude was when he realized only his neck down made tv

Author — Cody Janssen


hecklers: i'm a gay

obama : thanks for sharing

Author — syarif basri


I gotta admit I didn’t always agree with Obama’s ideas or decisions but damn he was always respectful

Author — sladdy patty


2013: nah
2014: nah
2015: not yet
2016: just a bit longer
2017: wait for it
2018: wait for it
2019: Alright YouTube algorithm it’s time

Author — Magix


He looks like a president.
He sounds like a president.
He talks like a president.
His personality is of president quality.
He'll always be a president doesn't matter he's not a president anymore.He has all the presidential attributes within him inside and outside.

Author — iDon'tCare


*coughing in the background*

Trump: if your gonna cough leave the room I don't do coughing during interviews.

Author — Sardore17


Man....I miss having a president with decency and common sense.

Author — OneTime Gregory


Man when you shut down a heckler and then get a round of applause, you must feel like a million bucks.

Author — Ben Abbott


He never loses his cool or gets pissed....well....if he does we never saw it....this man was unreal...and now alot of us miss this president.

Author — Skyies to Sunset Rise


When you realize that Obama's cool, dry, humorous response is way more effective than our current presidents loud, boisterous rants.

Author — Ugly Teeth Bakery and Other Strangeness


“I respect the passion of these young people”. Imagine Donald Trump reacting like that. Never.

Author — Alessandro Columbu


*Yoda hiding in the background and ready to merge with Obama*

Author — Doi Brando


Obama handled that well, Trump would've bitched about it lmao

Author — Quality Bleach


Is interrupted repeatedly by crowd
Secret service is about to intervene
Obama says nah they can stay and proceeds to verbally and politely annihilate them

Author — Simon Kat


I love this comment section❤️

So much for a civilized Debate😅

Author — Kev The man


I miss this president tbh.. A humble guy who actually knows what he's doing. #thankyouobama

Author — Fred


I love how he was looking right at his face while politely saying what he had to

Author — Saania Salahuddin


What a fucking legend. I miss him as the face of our country

Author — David B


Thats how a leader speaks and carry’s passion, respect, and purpose

Author — audri brouwer