France paralysed by biggest strike in years - BBC News

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France paralysed by biggest strike in years - BBC News 5

France's largest nationwide strike in years has severely disrupted schools and transport.

Workers are angry about planned pension reforms that would see them retiring later or facing reduced payouts.

Teachers and transport workers have been joined by police, lawyers, hospital and airport staff, and other professions for a general walkout.

President Emmanuel Macron wants to introduce a universal points-based pension system.

That would replace France's current system, which has 42 different pension schemes across its private and public sectors, with variations in retirement age and benefits.

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Macron only wants to look nice on world camera yet his home is on fire.

Author — DriM Big


America does something bad
Americans: Booo! Everyone protest and hate each other’s political ideas!
France does something bad
French: Screw it, let’s start another revolution

Author — Cris Vopado


There is a complete media blackout on France here in the US. The Ruling Class is nervous.

Author — Bv Kronenberg


About time the BBC reported on France’s unrest. It has been a whole year of yellow vest protests every Saturday, yet you only report when the unions take to the streets...

Author — Karen Popovich


Macron has achieved the unachievable by uniting the Right and the Left.

Author — john barker


Got to admire the French people, the minute they are pissed its long live le revolution

Author — Dark Brotherhood


French be like: hating government is part of my religion, ,

Author — Wafi 31


One day they’ll pull out that dusty guilloteen from the basement

Author — BalinLikeStalin


I guess the people are being Franc towards their government now

Author — Steamed


France: riots and strikes. Britain: Moaning and complaining at the bus stop.

Author — Emma Sayers


Every day I respect the people of France more

Author — Enuma Elise


As a Swiss, I always make jokes about the way French people are never happy with anything and always on strike. But I just gotta respect the way they're always
willing to change stuff that's wrong, and always proactive.

Author — Thrown Sword Pommel


Nancy Pelosi: “What a beautiful scenery”

Author — Drew Smith


The brits should stand up for themselves like this

Author — Lord Shaxx, Crucible Handler


Macron is losing his grip on France I think, he's certainly lost his grip on the people.

Author — stenka rasin


Macron needs to go. Its been a constant protest in France for 4 years

Author — Jarid Gaming


No one:
France every 5 seconds: "The revolution has begun"

Author — Sanius Manius


The ”Elite” better wake up to their own uselessness and soon their own demise

Author — IHATE M


All the governments of the world have gone too far, people have just had enough!

Author — God help us 2711


Time for the French to storm Macron's palace and get out the guillotines.

Author — Joseph Van