HECS in action; Oregon Geese

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HECS in action; Oregon Geese 3.5

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Да...есть еще места где берегут птиц у нас бы с автомата перестреляли бы уже давно

Author — Николай Кизаев


I'd like to see some independent tests, before I drop 200$ on thermal underwear. If they work, that'd be an amazing game changer, but I'm afraid they're a gimmick. Maybe give some to amateur YouTubers, instead of pro hunters who get payed to sell stuff. If i was convinced they worked, I'd buy a set, tomorrow.

Author — Funnel Web


Hi friend I have a breed of French goose my dream is to raise these Canadians you can get eggs for me?

Author — André Miranda


شوف شگده لو ياكل عجل مايشبعه انوب طيور

Author — علي كاظم


I have been waiting for a hecs video with geese.

Author — ZEEKUPP


They cant fly when they are changing their feathers. in my country you are not allowed to hunt them during this time. some farmers just takes a club and kills them anyway. so this is not proof of anything.

Author — treaser2


It is better not to overdo the hunting of birds because this deprives us of looking at these beautiful birds and their breeding and harming the environment. Supervision is required. We are not hungry.

Author — Asdf Dgtt