The Game Breaks Down The Difference Between Bloods And Piru's

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

#TheGame joins the #DrinkChamps crew!


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💬 Comments

“ it’s a street called piru in Compton and thats where it originated from “ that’s all he had to say from the beginning 😭

Author — @StayinMotion.


“All almonds are nuts but all nuts aren’t almonds.”

Author — @showmethem5ney


I just wish I was a bandana maker, in the 80's and 90's

Author — @howardtyler1425


All Piru's are bloods but all bloods aren't Piru's. All Cognacs are Brandi's but all Brandi's aren't Cognacs...

Author — @Kelvin_smith28


You know you took a wrong turn in life when you are still talking about your gang affiliation in your 40s.

Author — @dcaseng


So about 10 years ago I used to buy weed from one of the local gang members in LA. He lived about a block-and-a-half from one of the best taco places in La. I've been going to for about 16 years now, and still to this day. One day I asked him if he'd like to get tacos at the spot and asked him what he thought about the tacos. He says he can't eat there because it's not in his territory. Right then I knew he had made the biggest mistake of his life by joining that gang. Unknowingly he had cut himself off from the greatest tacos in Los Angeles. I wanted to hook him up some tacos, but I had a quick realization that one bite and he would end up going back to buy more tacos and probably get shot. So you can say I saved homie's life by not giving him any tacos.

Author — @michaelalfandary1643


Game said there’s Damu’s too 😂😂😂

Damu is Blood in Swahili

Author — @westside8514


You can take Dashiki out the Hood, but you can’t take the hood niggas out Dashiki


Author — @Jon804Official


All confused as hell fighting over government property. Killing each other for sport.

Author — @dannychristopher1967


The Game really tryna show Wack he know his knowledge lmaoo

Author — @hardassmusic4


Imagine aliens looking down on this one😂

Author — @ferrellmartin6828


Wack 100 and game are like “dumb and dumber”

Author — @thomascook2982


These are 40-50 year old men who people in their community look up to

Author — @RiCKTEEZ


All bananas are fruits, but not all fruits are bananas.

Author — @truthseekerone747


Game: Ima Let him tell you..

Proceeds to explain it himself😂😂

Author — @1chickdaddy


If Pepsi and Diet Pepsi had a conversation lmao

Author — @prophetleejames


Everybody can breath, but not everybody breathing

Author — @JNiBB


OK so basically Bloods is the tree and piru is one of the branches of said tree.

Author — @linaluv215


I love how game stopped all the Hollywood shit & got straight to the point before wack told the whole word he ain’t a OG PIRU 😂

Author — @ibillyradio248


Why Noriega always asking questions with the "first day on the block" energy. 😂 he knows this sh*

Author — @lukeyaple5949