How to Create BLEND SHAPES / SHAPE KEYS in Zbrush for Maya or Blender - 60 Second Tutorial

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Well, thats was a surprise ending LOL

Author — Gr33nDeman


Ahh Danny mate! Your so awesome, we're all friends here

Author — tammy JerkChicken


Danny, your tutorials have been amazing for my progress into the 3D world. Bought most of your gumroad stuff :)

Also, the more videos explaining workflow for animation the better!

Author — Ridge LaPlant


Thanks so much for these tutorials!! 60 seconds sets you apart from the crowd. Please continue!

Author — tyler thomson


I was always curius to see if this was possible to transfer to blender and I never thought to duplicate the model with the layer changes..this was an awesome light bulb moment. Good stuff

Author — DarrinNoNAME


Thank you so much for this Tutorial Danny. This shape key for Blender saved my life!

Author — Renan Gomes


Thank You so much for your tutorials ;)) I found zbrush super handy for creating blend shapes. But i met an issue. Is there way to avoid shrinkage of geometry after bringing it back from zbrush to maya for animation ?

Author — Lili Flower


love your tutorials mate.. short and to the point.. thanks ;)

Author — M0rph3u5


Love your videos, Danny, so punchy, clear, and funny. Thank you so much.

Author — uzzellart


that ending though

(great tutorial, thanks so much ♥♥)

Author — SophieRDesigns


Is it possible to further edit your shape and have it update on your shape that is receiving the shape key? As it currently is, any further tweaks don't update the same way they do in Maya. Hope this makes sense and any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Author — Anastasios Gionis


Do you know how to do this on a posed mesh in Blender? Like using a rigged model in blender, taking it to Zbrush to do the sculpting, then placing it back into Blender? No matter what, always causes my mesh to explode..

Author — creamgravy1


Hi Danny.  I have a question dealing with Live Booleans. I am trying to subtract from the lower subtool but all  the subtools disappear.Why is that? How can I fix that problem? Keep up the good work.

Author — Blaine Dotson


is there any better& faster way in blender 2.9

Author — Anxhelo


hehe.. yeah dont be sad i will be your friend :D, thanks a lot for the videos love them thumbs up.

Author — Springleify


Thanks 4 the tutorial my dear friend =:)

Author — Chaos Bunny


Its possible transfer this to cinema 4d ?? i neeed it

Author — El Hilo Negro


hi, I have a scene that turns over when exporting to Maya, what should I do?

Author — Roma Naz


hahahah i guess you have a lot of friends here now :P

Author — Andie Genesis