PES 2020 - TOP 20 GOALS #4 | HD

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eFootball PES 2020 PS4 Pro Gameplay.

Music: Ball Forever - R2R Gutta - Instrumental.

Gameplay Info:
Camera Settings: Stadium.
Speed Settings: 0.
Level: Top Player & Superstar.

PSN ID - @TheKingOfPES7

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Author — TheKingOfPES


Goal you scored with Maradona was pure skill bro!!

Author — WorldOfPES


Didn’t even mind listening to the same song for 8 min lmao that 🔥

Author — kanadiankilla26


This dude was born to be the god of pes no cap

Author — Ilovemessi Allday


Sensational... to be honest you made me fell in love with PES!

Author — Football Expert


Oh my lord.. the king of pes for a reason!! that goal no.2 by maradona was absolute class!

Author — Asensio207z


Awesome video's finally a channel that makes the best pes 2020 vids

Author — chris breezy


Wow!! Goal number 4 (Ronaldo juventus) predicted the same goal on the real match juventus 3-1 genoa a year before it actually happened on real life 🥺😯😯😯

Author — Oussam Dz


Yea thanks for giving more videos o f pes i love it when you post them

Author — Penina Leumuava


This music is from the Sidoka instrumental ?

Author — Jão Rocha


Can you teach how to perform like this or skill moves in pes 🥰🥰

Author — Motive talks and activities by Siaf


PES 2020 is the best football game ever. Hopefully 2021 will be even better.

Author — Yorcen


I have played PES since PES 6. But I’m just an average player. I feel you are playing a totally different game🤣🤣🤣 Really nice video, subscribed😃⚽️

Author — Zhi Huang


The best there is the best there was the best there ever will be

Author — pes fan


i pray i get this game for christmas tomorrow

Author — Björn Berendsen


El gol n 8 me hizo acordar al gol que maradona hace en el napoli, le pega de vola, de zurda, cara externa, y la clava en el angulo. todo eso desde 30 mts mas o menos

Author — Hugo Sugas


Some of your goals remind me of how we use to score goals back in the days when it was ISS pro evo. Scoring from the half way line and corners and the cheeky flip over the keeper(Roberto Baggio was the best at that), side stepping the keeper (Brazilian Ronaldo was the best at that) when your one on one. Konami takes stuff away and then brings it back many games later. Anyone that ever played the older versions on the snes/ps1/ps2 will know this. Not taking anything away from your goals though, as I know how satisfying it must be to score them especially with legendary players.

Author — Anthony M


How i can play with Beckham and the old players?!! Can you answer me please..?

Author — Ismail Zaid Ali Al-Shami


tem uns e outros ai que foi sorte mas mesmo assim são golaço fiz um com cr7 tipo escorpião ele passou da bola e deu uma puxada de calcanhar na bola e o goleiro vinha saindo é tomou de cobertura não vi ninguém fazer um desse

Author — Francisco de Assis Lima


El mismo que hace Ronaldinho me hace acordar al del Rey David Trezeguet con River vamos Millo

Author — gaston perez