PM Imran Khan Address to Nation on Pulwama Incident | 19 February, 2019

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PM Imran Khan Address to Nation on Pulwama Incident | 19 February, 2019 3.5
#Imrankhan #Address #PulwamaIncident

PM Imran Khan Address to Nation on Pulwama Incident

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in the it is politics by pak or india..common man is who suffers and their families....RIP martyrs ...

Автор — CA Inderpreet Kaur


Both the nations can grow only with brotherhood not with war.
Please think carefully the problem is not a person problem is mentality. Spread humanity not Hindu-Muslim. We both are humans first.

Автор — Sachchidanand Pal


یا اللہ پاک میرا عظیم پرچم ہمیشہ ایسے لہراتا رہے آمین

Автор — Rana Tariq Rajpoot


This is how a sensible man speaks.
Really appreciate it from 🇧🇩

Автор — Mohammad Shornab


Those who want war don’t know the consequential devastation and damage it brings. Perhaps ask the people living at the border about it. Action is condemnable, but act with caution, not with emotions.

Автор — Jaskaran Singh


Respect from India...🙏 logical words...

Автор — Parveen Khan


Imran khan words truth..finally someone talk sensibly ...Good work Imran Khan..War will cost huge in this subcontinent ...

Автор — Gear Bd


Well said sir imran khan salute,
You have lagacy to lead such great soul thank you for that words, we need leaders like you sir

Автор — deen Singh


India always play this card before the general elections, people of India sud take notice

Автор — 4Friends pet shop


The most truthful speech I've ever heard [from a country leader].

Автор — ishirsh


Wish he would have become prime minister 10years back now he would surely resolved all the has very sensible mindset .
Let's hope for No war and all the CULPRITS behind this shud be taught lesson Asap.

Автор — govindraju D


I don't watch news but i do read news articles...and the articles about PM Imran Khan's address were very disappointing they're all focusing on the retaliation comment...they don't even care that he is promising any and every kind of help in investigating the attack...he is trying to make peace...i know it is a very hard time for India...they've lost 40 of their soldiers and we are sorry for their loss but both the nations need to think practically war is never a way to solve problems

Автор — nessy161


Indian people are getting decieved by their own government....
Wake Up Humanity

Автор — Saddique K


Difference between cup cleaner and cup winner . We solute you sir

Автор — Coding is Fun


I personally love my paki bhai and bahan

Автор — Kalki Datthasis


Respect!! Imranji !!
War is for no good . Real culprits should be found and punished.

Автор — Arpit Khandelwal


Or mera *khuda* farmata hai k apne dushman ki chaalo se na ghabraO.. beshak wo behtreen chaal chalny wala hai❤

Автор — hira Maheen


Indian people your government is fooling you. Wake up break the MATRIX.

Автор — Zau Andre


Really man I can feel it love from Nepal.. Peace

Автор — durga bhatt


When women's are pregnant in India all they do is blame it on Pakistanis 🤦‍♂️

Автор — Ali Khan afridi